What Changes are made for 2020 Hyundai Ioniq Electric?


Are you looking for an electric car too?

Well, you are not the only one as driving electric cars is becoming a rage in modern times. One of the most talked about electric vehicles is the Hyundai Ioniq Electric 2020. It has become a must for all to check out when visiting Hyundai dealership Vallejo. From authentic design to high mileage, environmental friendly; this car has it all that leaves behind its rivals in this segment.

Have a look at the changes 2020 model comes with first!

Changes in 2020 version

The 2020 Ioniq Electric comes with several meaningful changes that make the car even better than its previous versions. One of the most significant transformations to grace this vehicle is the increment of power, supplied by the electric motors and also its range and battery capacity.

Moreover, a few particular minor changes here and there are also added such as certain tweaks in its styling, 2 new color options (Electric Shadow and Stellar Silver), etc. Also, base trim which previously was knows as simply Electric is renamed to SE; in addition the SE trim gets 8-inch display and adaptive cruise control as standard option.

The Limited variant comes with adaptive cruise but also has standard diving mode semi-autonomous along with numerous driver assistance aspects like pedestrian detection, LED headlights, lane keeping assistance, etc. Moreover, the Limited option contains 10.3-inch display for easily accessing infotainment system.

Other specifications of this vehicle

Now that you have an a clear idea about what new changes are made to the 2020 version of Hyundai Ioniq Electric; you should also have knowledge about other specifications of this vehicle walking into a Hyundai Vallejo dealership.

  • Electric motor

The 2020 version offer 134 horsepower when previous versions varied from 118. It uses direct drive singular speed transmission for directing power to front wheels from the motor. It takes about 8.3 seconds to reach 0-60 mph. Though some other electric vehicle can make it more interesting, this vehicle’s reduced mass, low-center of gravity, perfectly weighted steering, etc. take it above all of its competitors.

Also, its regenerative braking system eliminates the frequent usage of brake pedal to stop or slow down the vehicle.

  • Range and Battery

This vehicle is equipped with a battery pack of 38.3 kWh. Such high powered battery aids the car to have 170 miles range. Also, Ioniq Electric 2020 comes with onboard improved battery charger which is 7.2 kWh; previously it was just 6.6 kWh. Such high powered charger allows this vehicle to be charged completely in maximum 6 hours, if the connection is a 240V outlet.

  • Price of Ioniq Electric models

The SE is the base model and its price starts from $34,040 and the Limited variants price starts from $39,610. Though both trims are excellent, it is better to opt for the Limited one as it comes with additional features that simply make driving this vehicle a much better experience.

So, all you need now is to simply book one for yourself and enjoy a smooth and pleasant ride while helping the environment too!