What Are The Types of Business Signboard Designs


What image do we draw for ourselves with the word “Sign”? In most cases, simple construction with the name of a cafe, a shop, a company hanging over the porch (“signboard”) The older generation will remember the picturesque oil signs that until recently flaunted on the streets. However, the modern technologies for manufacturing signboards have gone so far from those naive designs that today they can easily turn the entrance design, the interior space adjacent to the office or store into real works of art. We love our work and understand that the signs made by us are our faces. This is the reason that the main emphasis in the creation of our signs is made on the uniqueness of appearance, the highest quality, clear deadlines for order execution. We are confident that we are doing business sign board design.

How to choose the most effective option for decorating the facade, showcase, territory of your organization?

Types of signage, which allows the production of the company is diverse and numerous. How to choose which of these varieties is right for you? Of course, the managers will help you make the choice, the designers will show a creative approach to design – but it’s better to think about the main issues in advance:

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  • Where will the sign be located? Inside the building or outside?
  • Should it attract the attention of passers-by around the clock?
  • Is ease of dismantling important, will the sign change or be transported from place to place?
  • What is the budget allocated by your company for outdoor structures?

By answering these questions, you will make it easy for you to make a difficult choice of numerous options.

What is a sign made by this or that technology?

You will get a clear answer to this question by looking at our portfolio – it contains all kinds of signboards and the region using various technologies in our production. Let’s try to briefly describe the theoretical differences:

  • visors are both advertising, protective, and decorative structures above the entrance. The front or side surfaces of the visors can be used to place signs, advertising stretch marks, light and non-light boxes, letters;


  • Signboards made of composite material are signboards in the hi-tech style, which have recently gained great popularity. With the relative simplicity of manufacture, such signs look noble and expensive. Signboards from composite material are often used to decorate stores inside shopping malls, to create a facade for banks;
  • voluminous non-illuminated letters – the most common type of sign. You can see such signs every day, at a store, pharmacy, in small offices and in factory walkways. They can be flat or voluminous and have a variety of overall dimensions. Their coating can also be matte or bright, reflective;
  • signs – the simplest type of advertising structure. There are a lot of types of plates: these are door plates, entry-exit signs, wall pictographs (symbols for entry, exit, bathrooms, smoking bans, mobile phones, pets allowed, warnings about industrial hazards, etc.), as well as signs with house numbers, warning signs on hazardous areas, private estates, etc.
  • indexes – outdoor advertising construction mounted on any solid support. The support is used already existing – or is it made at our place of production. They are used to indicate a nearby enterprise, organization, store, to indicate the route of travel inland.
  • Pillars – folding external advertising design, installed near the store, office and attracting the attention of those passing by. In the West, such double-sided constructions are called street lines.
  • full-color printing on flexible and rigid materials – we make a wide variety of advertising designs from plastic or banner fabric. These are banner banners and PVC plastic billboards, non-standard advertising media. Our equipment allows you to print images with a resolution of 360dpi to 1440dpi.
  • information stands – a proven way to inform potential customers about new products, latest developments, current offers of the company. By means of stands distribution of information and advertising, bulletins is conducted.

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