What Are The Technologies Used For Liver Transplant in India?

Liver Transplantation in India


Liver Transplantation in India is famous across the globe, because of its success rate. Now, if you have the query, that why the transplantation process in India is successful, then the reason is the use of cutting-edge technology. The surgeons in India are careful enough to take care of the latest updations in the market, and they also involve continuously in the research process.

The primary aim of the medical professionals in the country is to introduce advanced technologies for the treatment of patients with various liver disorders. If it is possible, they make use of the minimally invasive procedure that reduces the risk of complications after the transplant surgery.

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Some of the most common procedures followed for liver disorders in India are covered below in detail.

Advanced Techniques Used in Top Treatment Centres of India For Liver Transplantation:

There are four different procedures followed for liver transplantation in India.

  • Virtual Liver Surgery Lab with 3D Myrian CT Software:

There are various cases in which there are no chances of making mistakes during treatment. In case of any failure, it might risk the life of the patient. So, to reduce the iterations of the surgical procedures, the doctors make use of this technique. Using the 3D CT scan, the doctors perform the virtual operation before the actual surgery, so the results of the treatment can be predefined.

  • DaVinci Si 3D Robotic Liver Transplant Surgery:

It is one of the most advanced forms of performing liver transplant surgeries. When the condition of the patient is very crucial, and the surgeons have to perform the delicate operations, they give it a final result by minimal incisions in the body of a patient wherever required. This type of surgeries result in no complications. It allows the micro-movements inside the host body. The robotic liver transplant operations are exact.

  • Treatment in Modular Liver Operating Theatres:

Here, the surgeons perform this type of therapy in specially equipped state-of-the-art theatres for a liver transplant process. These treatment rooms are equipped with advanced technology, operating as well as monitoring gadgets. The operation theatres are anti-infection and built-in with a seamless modern operating requirement to accomplish the surgery with precision.

  • FDG 18 PET Scan:

The surgeons use this technique to treat the patients when liver cancer is not limited to the organ but spreads to other parts of the body as well. The scanning is done for the liver, biliary duct, and other nearby organs of the liver. This PET scan gives a more precise look to the condition of the body, and then decide on the process of the treatment.

Along with the advanced procedures available for the liver transplant in India, the price for the treatment is also economical. Liver Transplant Surgery Cost in India depends on the medical condition of the patient and also the method of the surgery. Inclusive of all the factors determining the price for organ transplant the cost remains most economical across the globe.

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