What Are The Signs That Your Prada Bag Is A Fake?


If you are looking to purchase a luxury handbag and are worried about the quality of the item you are considering, then you should know what to look for when examining the items you are interested in. One of the first things to consider when purchasing luxury bags is the brand of the bag. This can help to determine if the bag is real or just a replica. There are some major brands that have been around for many years, such as Prada, Gucci, Coach, Chanel, Vintage Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and several others.

The first thing to look for is how big is the bag? When you see a huge bag that has a long name like “Prada,” it may not be the real deal. Some replicas will have a tag that says “Made in Italy.” It is important to note that if the label that is attached to an item is not true, then it is probably a fake. If the price is very high, it is probably a fake as well.

Start by checking all the logos and pay particular attention to the letter ‘R’ and how it’s shaped and spaced in the logo

Next, look at the stitching on the bag. Genuine bags will always have some sort of stitching, whether it is a zipper or a chain. If you see that it is missing, then it is not the real deal. Some people will pay hundreds of dollars for a genuine Prada bag, so you want to make sure it is real before spending money on it.

Replica bags may also lack the stitching, which makes them look cheap and as they came from a discount store. If the stitching looks nice and evenly spaced then it is not a fake. It should be uniform in size, length, and width. If it looks like it is being painted on or is uneven then it is. While these bags can be a little more difficult to find, they are out there and if you look long enough you will find them.

Another sign that a bag is a fake is if it lacks lustre. If the bag has shiny metal handles but is very rubbery, it is not worth the money. Look for metal grips with little pitting or scratches, as these are indicators that the bag is not a real Prada bag. Check the stitching on the handles, too, as this is another way to tell if it is fake or real.

Take a look at triangle logo plaque, it should always be in the same colour as the bag or purse

Next, check the zipper. If it looks like plastic and feels like plastic, then it is definitely a fake Prada bag. They have a habit of putting a plastic zipper in their bags just to give the bag a more expensive look. If you cannot feel or see the zipper, then it is definitely a fake. The zippers on most authentic bags can be pulled open easily, but on replicas, pulling them can cause damage to the bag and the contents inside.

Always inspect the interior logo plaque and that it features the word, Milano. Counterfeiters often use the word Milan, hoping unsuspecting buyers won’t notice

Next, check the interior of your bag. A good quality bag will always have a good interior. No stuffing of any kind, and if you can, remove the contents before you open the bag. If the items are in decent condition, then it is definitely a genuine bag. If the items are in bad condition or damaged in some way, then it is what are the signs that your Prada bag is a fake.

If you are buying your bag from a brick and mortar store, then you are in luck. They should do a quick Prada authentication checking before letting you purchase the bag. It is always better to buy a real bag from an authorized dealer. You can always ask the clerk for the identification of the bag and if they don’t have it, then it is definitely a fake.

Finally, remember every Prada bag contains an authenticity card tucked away in a black envelope. The envelope is embossed with the PRADA word logo

Next, you should look at the construction of a genuine Prada bag. A real one will always have a zipper. While you may see some that don’t have a zipper, this is almost never the case. A zipper is what allows you to take the bag off without ruining it or letting items fall out.

What are the signs that your bags are real? The answers to all of these questions are actually quite simple. They are subtle but they are there. So when you buy a bag from a store, be sure to watch for these signs.

Finally, you can always open up the zipper of your bag and look inside. Any original bag will have a clear zipper and if it is a fake, then there will be giveaway marks on the bag. Look carefully at the interior as well. A genuine bag will not have any stains on the inside, but if it does, then it is definitely a fake. So these are the signs that your Prada bag is a fake; however, if you feel that you can not manage to see the proof, then you can always get a Prada expert to examine your bag for you.