What Are the Recovery Tips after Kidney Transplant?

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A kidney is a very important part of the human body as it purifies the blood and helps in so many works of the body. However, in recent days, more and more people are getting affected by kidney diseases, and at last, there is no way left than going for a transplant of the organ.

The procedure is a very complicated one, and it takes a long time to recover from it. Then again, you have to be very careful with the recovery process, as you need to go back to the normal life of yours. For this reason, here the matter is covered to help you out.

Going Home-Taking Care of Yourself

Just after the surgery, and when you are still staying at the hospital, the healthcare team at the hospital will educate you about the medicines you have to take, and the ways you have to use the same. Also, they will warn you about the circumstances if you miss one medication, with their side effects. To avail of this kind of aftercare, you need to go for, cheapest kidney transplant in India, and you will get quality treatment.

There will be a daily record of your health while you are staying at the hospital, and your situation will be monitored as long as you are remaining there. To know how your kidney is working a nurse will teach you the way how to measure the amount of fluid you are drinking every day, and to measure your urination too.

The time to go home

You must be missing your own home, so you can have this query, when can you go home? In here, you can also check the total cost of kidney transplant in India, so that anyone else can get better help. However, your doctor will tell you some points, and they are,

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  • You need to follow your medicine schedule correctly without assistance
  • You have to take your temperature and blood pressure
  • You have to keep track of and record your fluid intake and the urine output
  • Have to know which issues should be reported to the transplant coordinator

Taking care at home

After you get discharged you will have to continue recording your daily temperature, blood pressure and weight in a notebook properly.

In this case, you need to remember, that you have to keep the notebook for at least six weeks, after the surgery. The healthcare team at the hospital will let you know the time you have to stop keeping notes, and you must carry the notebook with you every time you go for follow-up appointments.

Tips for kidney transplant recovery

  • You need to take all your medicines exactly as it’s been prescribed
  • You have to keep all of your scheduled appointments with the Transplant Team
  • You need to contact the Transplant Team if you have any queries
  • You need to follow a recommended diet plan
  • You need to follow the fluid intake plan
  • Go for a recommended exercise every day

Lastly, after your surgery, when you have been discharged, in this period, if you feel that your temperature is more than 38-degree centigrade, or you are having dizziness, you must contact your doctor immediately.

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