What are the dangers of Juicing Fruits and Vegetables?


In this modern era as the technology is in trends. There is no need to eat fruits and vegetables at breakfast. There is a number of blending machines that make an easier for us to drink their pulps or juices instead of eating. Every good and helping material always has a drawback or you can say you can minimize it bu following their precautions. Same like other technologies blenders also have some precautions to avoid these drawbacks but the question is here that what effects will happen if we will never follow these precautions. Let’s focus on them too along with the best practices.

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No doubt juices are packed with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, as well as these, are the beneficial sources of nutrition for our body. Moreover, the Harvard School of Public health recommends nine servings of vegetables and fruit juice. Juicing can cause unwanted side effects that maybe sometime risky for your health.

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Foodborne illness

Prefer to make juice at home by using fresh fruits and vegetables with your own hand blender instead of buying juice from the market. As the population increases the demand for these products are also increases so, the companies try to meet with the demand and never focus on the quality. When fruits and vegetables are contaminated with microorganisms then juicing can cause foodborne illness. Food and Drug Administration warns that raw food products may contain pathogens that may produce severe symptoms ranging from vomiting and diarrhea to kidney failure in some extreme cases. Although if you use juices with preservatives that can kill these pathogens in house-made juices you can also reduce them by washing and immediate drinking after blending them with a blender.

Blood Sugar regulation

Fibers are an essential thing for the human body but sometimes a severe blending of fruits and vegetables can remove these fibers from the fruits that can cause many problems. Severe blending with a blender can destroy the fibers that will cause you to absorb juicing in your body more quickly after drinking as compared to the whole fruits and vegetables. It can cause a rapid rise in the blood sugar level in your body that is very harmful. According to the research in 2008 it was decided that drinking juice instead of eating fruits and vegetables can enhance the risk of diabetes in your body.  For instance, sweet fruits along with higher sugar level of vegetables like carrot, beets can raise the blood sugar level.

Stomach Upset

Some of the fruits having indigestible sugar like sorbitol that can cause severe digestive stress– especially when we use it in a more concentrated form like pulp. We recommend using hand blender by the prescribed reviews of the vend review. According to the Baylor College of Medicine, consuming the juices of the fruits with more concentrated form having a higher level of indigestible sugar can cause gas, stomach cramping, and diarrhea problems in some people. Children are more in risk while consuming such types of juice.

Weight gain

Consuming juices– especially—fruit juices are the source of energy and higher calories. Juices are lighter drinks they will never get relief from your hunger but it will contribute to the weight of the body. More consuming juices without fibers especially when you are not taking any fruits and vegetables as a whole will contribute to the weight of your body.


Frequent taking of juices of fruits and vegetables with a higher level of beta carotene can cause a condition called carotenemia that will be caused by the higher level consuming of carotene in your blood. Although this condition has no severe effect on your body but can cause yellow pigmentation under your feet that is due to the higher-level consumption of carrot juices.

Final Verdict

Although juicing is helpful for our body it can cause certain severe problems in your body so, the precaution suggested by the experts is necessary to follow when you are consuming fruits in your regular routine food menu. Make it in your home with your own blender as well as while choosing blender to follow the best review writer like vend review and then select your best, interesting and appealing blender having all the functions, and pros that make it best.

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