What Are The Benefits Of Concrete Slab Heating?

Concrete Slab Heating
Concrete Slab Heating

With the temperature falling below zero, homeowners are looking for an option that can provide the right heating solution. One of the most effective ways adopted by homeowners in Australia is concrete slab heating. It is a system of PEX-tubes that contain hot water and is entrenched into the concrete slab. When the concrete thermal mass gets heated up, slowly the warmed slab starts acting like a radiator, thereby distributing the heat all over the structure evenly. 

Working of concrete slab heating

Well! There are two main types of concrete slab heating, and that is electric and hydronic. The most affordable option that fits both medium-sized to large-sized homes is a hydronic system as it needs a substantial quantity of power. It is because of the less conductivity as well as density; concrete slabs retain heat perfectly. When the floor becomes heated, the rising heat starts warming up the whole room. When you walk on this floor in a barefoot, you will start feeling warm. In contrast, when warm heat is distributed with the help of hot air systems, it mostly rises to the ceiling.

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Benefits of concrete slab heating

Concrete Slab Heating
Concrete Slab Heating

This method of heating indeed saves a lot of money on the heating bill, but along with that, it also has some potential benefits. Here are a few reasons why it is better to opt for concrete slab heating than another mode.

  • Comfort: The concrete slab heating is an effective heating solution. Since the tubing spreads in the entire house, you get comfortable room temperature in your house. The heat is distributed evenly throughout the area and concentrates mainly on the floor level where there are maximum peoples. You can walk around on the floor in bare feet, even during winter.
  • Healthy air quality: Concrete slab heating is one of the healthiest options in comparison to forced heat air. Here no air has to go through the dirty ducts, so there is no circulation of the air pollutants also. This helps people suffering from asthma, allergies, along with some other breathing problems. The air quality can be further optimized by the installation of a decorative concrete floor instead of installation of carpets.
  • It is not visible and also without noise: Unlike the other heating systems that we have in the market, the concrete slab heating is the best one. It works silently and so you are not disturbed. The whole system is under the floor, and never clutters walls or any part of the room with any air vents or wall radiators. This helps in placement of furniture as well. There is no noise coming from a fan like in forced air systems. So, you will feel warm and will get all comfort but without the operation noise.
  • Beneficial for the environment: It requires very less energy even at the lowest settings of the thermostat, and it is easily adaptable to a varied energy-efficient heating source. Other than all this, it also enhances the air quality of the indoor areas. It makes use of the PEX tubing; therefore it easily expedites the delivery of the hot water and also minimizes the wastewater. The PEX tube walls also offer good insulation instead of copper. Moreover, this type of heating also needs very less concealing ductwork as well as compromised heights of the ceiling. It helps in getting more area for utilization that facilitates small areas without the need for compromising the livability.

Final Thoughts– With all these major benefits, there is no reason to opt for a forced-air heating system rather than concrete slab heating method. It also makes a major contribution to all green building points. This is the reason for its high popularity. Moreover, it is available at a very cost-effective rate and lasts for a very long period. Make sure that you hire the best professional for installing the concrete slab heating system.

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