What Are Some Things That a Home Cleaning Company Won’t Tell Me?

home cleaning company
home cleaning company

Cleaners are the true unsung heroes for plenty of beautiful homes. Finding the time to keep things clean can be difficult, and once you find a cleaning company you know you can trust the possibilities can feel endless.

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in cleaning companies? You may think you know what goes on when you leave your home in their hands, but you’d be surprised at how some companies approach cleaning.

Here’s some truth around what some of your favorite house cleaners wish they could tell you.

They’re Not Judging You

You signed up for house cleaning services to spend less time on chores, but find yourself nervously cleaning before they’re set to come. So many people worry about what cleaners think about the state of their homes that they find themselves cleaning before they arrive to avoid judgment.

Remember, cleaners are professionals first and foremost.  They’re spending their time thinking about the best way to get your house clean, not wondering when the last time you cleaned your toilet was.

Trust us, your cleaning crew has seen it all. They won’t be scandalized by dusty blinds or a messy stove.

Time is Literally Money for Them

Be wary of any cleaning services that say they’ll have your house spotless in a half hour. They’re likely going to do a little work as possible.

You’d like to think that your house is getting a thorough cleaning every time the cleaners show up. The cleaning crew will do their job, but they’re going to do it as quickly as they possibly can.

You’re far from the company’s only client. The more time they spend cleaning your home, the less money they make from other clients. Rushing through work may seem “efficient”, but it just makes it easier to do a less than stellar job.

You Probably Have Inexperienced People Cleaning Your House

The turnover rate in the cleaning industry is incredibly high. Since the job requires a lot of hard work, usually comes with sporadic hours, and has a relatively low bar for entry, you might not have the best workers cleaning your house.

Some places offer little to no training for their new employees. Since nearly everyone has some experience doing housework, most will take people’s words at face value.

When you’re looking for a cleaning company, be sure to ask them how long people usually stay on the job and what kind of training employees receive. If they’re constantly hiring new people and offer little training consider finding a different company.

Standard Cleaning Services Don’t Clean Much

To some companies, cleaning the kitchen is simply quickly wiping down the surfaces and washing dirty dishes. If you want the oven cleaned or the fridge tidy you need to ask for that (and likely pay extra).

A lot of people assume that hiring a cleaner means that their home is getting deep cleaned each time. The truth is that most cleaning services will only do the bare minimum unless otherwise stated. Make sure you read the fine print around the services they offer to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

The Truth About Your Cleaning Company

When you’re dealing with a cleaning company, the truth is that you often get what you pay for. If you want to get thorough cleaning services from a reputable company, expect to do your research and pay a little extra.

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