Want to Break the Monotony of Life? Check out These Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad


In today’s world of busy city lives and tight work schedules, we hardly get time to bond with family and friends. While thinking of a break from monotony, the first way out seems to be travel. Travel with friends and family is another level of happiness and what could be better than a road trip with your favorite people! So, if you are from the city of Nizams, Hyderabad, we have got you the most exciting and fun weekend getaways.

Check out the perfect weekend getaways from Hyderabad.

Fun and Exciting Road Trips from Hyderabad

No more lazy weekends with Netflix and snacks, get out on weekend s with family, friends or colleagues and break the monotony. Some of the following places may be longer trips, so get ready with a smart excuse for Monday!

Maredumilli and Rampachodavaram

The first one here is a season-specific getaway as it is both waterfall and picnic destination. That being said, it is one of the most beautiful places to visit just after monsoons. Book one extended weekend for this trip after the month of August. The long drive from Hyderabad through the cool breezes of the jungles alongside makes it one of the most amazing tourist places near Hyderabad within 500kms. The waterfall is at its best during this time.

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How to reach: Both Maredumilli and Rampachodavaram are situated towards east of the city at a distance of 450 kilometers.

Accommodation: Pre-book accommodation at the many budget hotels available.


Settled along Tungabhadra River banks, Kurnool is a tourist spot experiencing tropical climate with several major attractions for travelers from near and far cities. From ancient caves to wildlife sanctuaries to the ancient forts, Kurnool is for every kind of travelers. No matter if you are a history buff, wildlife admirer or nature lover, Kurnool is one of the best places to go for a weekend trip. Do not miss out on Konda Reddy Fort and Oravakallu Rock Garden to witness the fine rock-cut formations.

How to Reach: Kurnool is located at a distance of 213 kilometers from Hyderabad, which is a perfect for a road trip, neither too long nor too short.

Accommodation: You can choose from the popular hotels and resorts such as The Mourya Inn, DVR Mansion and Hotel Sasya Pride.


Karimnagar is one of the places to visit near Hyderabad that is known for its ancient temples. If you and your group are interested in unveiling the beauty of the pre-historic times in forms of its forts and temples, plan a weekend vacation here soon. Visit the Elgandal Fort situated at a distance of 16 kilometers from the city center. You can also spend some time shopping for the silver filigree handicrafts popular here and jewelry.

How to reach: Drive towards the Karimnagar-Hyderabad Highway to reach Karimnagar, situated 164kms from Hyderabad. It will take less than 3 hours to cover the distance.

Accommodation: You can book rooms at Maitri Residency, Bhakti Lodge or Hotel Swetha.


Also called Vatapi, Badami is brimming with temples and impeccable rock-cut formations encompassing the Agastya Lake which makes it a picturesque location for passionate photographers and enthusiastic travelers. Badami is home to 4 sandstone temples, differing in architectural styles. You will have a great experience exploring the gateways, sculptures, forts, cave temples and inscriptions here. Some of the main attractions in Badami include Mallikakarjuna Temple, Bhutanatha Temple and Dattatreya Temple.

How to Reach: Dive on the SH 4 to reach Badami. It is located at a distance of 425 kilometers (approx.) from Hyderabad.

Accommodation: Pre-book rooms in any of the good hotels like Clarks Inn, Krishna Heritage or Hotel Rajsangam International.


Gulbarga, also famous as Kalburgi, still preserved the Nizami influences in its historic buildings and domes. It is all because of the extended rule of the Nizams here. The history lover will be happily satisfied by driving to this offbeat tourist spot while witnessing the ruins of the old fort. There are tall tombs and shrines of Bahmani Kings buried here. The Jama Masjid dating back to 14th century is a much-visit attraction in Gulbarga. It has around 80 domes frosting it. There is also a small island close by where you can enjoy trekking and camping with your friends.

How to reach: Gulbarga is situated in Karnataka. Drive to the east of Hyderabad and you will reach Gulbarga after 231 kilometers.

Accommodation: Make bookings at comfortable hotels like Hotel City Park, Sun International Hotel or Heritage Inn.

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