Wedding Dress Styles and Trends

wedding dress

Finding your wedding dress is a huge deal, and probably the one-and-only thing on your mind right now. With the big day looming, there’s a tonne of pressure to hunt down the dream dress that you’re going to tie the knot in – you do want to feel the most beautiful you’ve ever felt, after all. Well, if you’re feeling the pressure, you’ve come to the right place! Read on for some tips on the best styles and latest trends that will have you well on your way to your dress…

What to Look For

There are three major components that make up any piece of clothing – cut, material and colour:

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You’re pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to wedding dress cuts, there are so, so many out there. A few classic, gorgeous fits that you should definitely be considering include…

A-line: A-line dresses work for pretty much every single body-type! This fit cinches in your waist, flatters your neckline and falls to the floor elegantly, in an A shape (hence the name). A-line is a bit of a no brainer, so it’s a great one to start exploring if you haven’t already.   

Mermaid: Want to ooze glamour and sophistication on your wedding day? A mermaid cut is the way to do it! This fit skims your body and fans out at the calf, it looks all kinds of opulent and is perfect for a wedding day.

Slip: Slip dresses are comfortable, breezy and ideal for summer brides who aren’t into too much embellishment or who live the full blow minimalist lifestyle.

Sheath: Not dissimilar to the slip style, sheath dresses skim your curves and fit close to your body all the way to the floor. You’ll usually see this cut with thicker straps than you would a slip with a plunging V-neck, sweetheart or square neckline.

Strapless: The strapless dress will forever be a favourite in the bridal world! Whether it’s a V-neck, square or sweetheart shape-enhancing any of the above cuts, it’s going to be a winner, particularly in warmer weather.


The fabric that your dress is cut from makes a huge difference to the look and feel of the piece. The most traditional materials out there are lace, satin, charmeuse, tulle and chiffon. You really can’t go wrong with any of these, lace is incredibly classic, satin and charmeuse are sheeny and glamorous, whilst tulle or chiffon is great for a princess style, floaty dress. More maximalist gowns will often combine a few of these materials and incorporate details such as beading, pearls and crystals.


Yes, elegant wedding dresses are white – but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t nuances when it comes to picking the colour! Consider which colours (or jewellery) you veer towards in your day-to-day. Are you obsessed with gold, red, pink and cream? You’ll want to pick a dress with warm undertones. Perhaps you’re more into silver, blue, lilac and grey? A bluer, cool undertone white will suit you better.

Latest Wedding Dress Trends

A few of the moment trends circulating at the moment are…

Two-Piece: Separates aren’t what they used to be! A top and skirt set for your wedding get-up can be so tasteful and creative. Choose a full tulle skirt and a bodice style structured top for a stunning look.

Laser-Cut Lace: This fabric choice has taken off recently. Laser-cut lace looks both traditional and contemporary both at the same time. How? It’s a modern twist on a classic fabric.

Off-the-shoulder: Flaunting your shoulders in the summer sun is all the rage, with so many options out there this is sure to become a classic in no time.

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