Weatherproofing Your Outdoor Areas

Outdoor Furniture Adelaide

The outdoor area should simply be an extension of your home. You should be able to do pretty much anything there that you would intend to do indoors. This includes relaxing, having fun, reading a book, and hosting events like dinner with friends and family. However, doing all that in your outdoor area is only possible when it is available throughout all seasons and at any time of the day. Therefore, weatherproofing your outdoor living area should be as essential as protecting your indoors from the weather. 

Every backyard is different, and its furniture should be too. Outdoor furniture Adelaide to Brisbane, Melbourne, and any other location needs to have the capability of surviving conditions like rain, heat, high winds, and cold winters as well. While you might think the placement of your furniture doesn’t matter too much, the right placement is a great way to weatherproof your outdoor arrangement. Consider all the weather conditions your outdoor areas would go through and how you can best protect your furniture from them. 

Here are some simple tips to protect your outdoor areas from the elements:

Bring Some Shades:

This is necessary to keep your outdoors cool as well as keep you and your family safe from hazardous UV rays. You can choose shades that are waterproof as well, so they’ll serve just as much purpose when it’s cold and rainy. Umbrellas will shelter you from the sunlight and rain meaning you can enjoy your yard no matter the weather. In addition to shades, placing umbrellas over lounges residing near pool areas brings more ambiance into your backyard too. 

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Protect Your Deck:

Your wooden outdoor deck brings a classic touch to your outdoor living area. However, timber decks can deteriorate when exposed to a variety of weather conditions. A deck with wear and tear will deteriorate quicker and could ultimately cost you. Therefore it should always be looked after and protected. Make sure your decking is finished with a stain or varnish. This needs to be maintained yearly to properly weatherproof your timber.

Beating the Heat:

Summer offers a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. However, in locations like Brisbane where you may face long hot summers more often, you might find it hard to enjoy your outdoor areas. Outdoor misters and fans, as well as blinds, are a great way to cool down your settings. Opt for lighter colors outdoors and soft materials as they will attract and hold less heat.

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