Ways to Style Glass Subway Tiles Just Like a Pro Designer!

Ways to Style Glass Subway Tiles Just Like a Pro Designer

Seeing the interior and decor’s popular trends, how can we ignore subway glass tiles in those lush kitchens and bathrooms? Definitely, most of us know that they created back in 1904 in New York City, and that is another reason they are still in the trending series. And why most of us still prefer them around our house is because they are affordable, classic, durable, and versatile at the same time. Sounds fantastic, right? 

This year, if you are looking forward to experimenting with some sort of iridescent subway tiles like picking a bold color, playing with multiple patterns, or creating an essential grout contrast, you are already in the spotlight. This trend will never fade, as it is perfect for both contemporary and vintage style homes. Here we have put together a few ways to use glass subway tiles for backsplash, just like a pro designer. Keep reading on…

1. Keep it Classy :-

As mentioned earlier, subway tiles are known for their versatility and timeless nature. Why not keep things classic with a white river or a grey glass subway tile in a repeating bond pattern. Yes, we meant the basic one! The model will provide itself to various styles as wall tiles trends come and go, and the taste keeps on changing. 

2. Change Color Course :- 

Definitely, there’s no doubt that a multi-colored or something like an aqua colored subway glass tile with some glossiness will look damn vibrant. Imagine your bathroom’s backsplash covered with those signature cream tiles, yes you will get that sunny style statement. Try matching the tile color with the same or light-colored pendant lights to add more elegance to space. 

3. Go for a Dark Grout :-

A geometric effect will probably look good if you put it in the very right way. Let your grout be of some dark shade like black and surround it with high impact winter blue subway tiles. A dark grout will light tone tiles will always pop even more than you can expect. 

4. Try to Flip the Side :-

You can also style iridescent subway tiles with a combination of white or black grout in your bathroom. Else, you can make them pop with white sides in the kitchen’s backsplash to have a mesmerizing bold contrasting look.

5. Opt for a Herringbone look  :- 

Though there are plenty of styles, you can try to lay subway glass tiles, but Herringbone is one of the most classic patterns followed. It is bold, understated, and classic simultaneously as the repeating composition of tiles is paired with some grey, aqua, or white neutrals. 

6. Pick a fresh tone :-

Apart from the solid primary shades, you can also set a powder room statement with some thunder blue, snow grey, aqua, or champion brown pastel tones. Speckled with some white or black accessories and details, it definitely looks like a classy jewel box. 

7. Set the floor contrast :-

Want to splurge the look of your bathroom or kitchen marble more? Then, opt for some glossy subway glass tiles with a more subtle, refreshing, and natural stone look. And don’t forget to settle the floor contrast with the wall tiles. 

8. Break up the style :-

Another way to rock that chic single wall look is by not following that subway and ham look, which simply means covering the whole space with tiles. Better try to put the tiles in the lower half side and play up the look with a broad mirror or framed scenery that compliments the tile color. 

So are you ready to experiment with this cutting-edge tile trend? Got more suggestions? Let us know in the comments section below.