Visit These Beautiful Places In Sharjah Through Airblue


Famously known as the cultural capital of UAE, Sharjah is filled with a diverse range of impressive palaces and the excellent architectures. In addition, the city is impeccably perfect for the ones looking to explore the Arabian culture and history. The sheer elegance of every place is certainly a treat for the eyes.

Apart from offering top-notch historical and cultural centers, the city is also ideal for family tours. It has a plethora of parks where the kids and families can acquaint themselves with the natural wonders. If you are also planning to come to Sharjah through Airblue flight booking, here are some of the places you will enjoy the most.

1.     Central Market in Sharjah

Terming the Central Market, one of the most famous landmarks in the city would not be an exaggeration given the elegant exterior of the building. It has attractive blue tiles, which have given the market the nickname Blue Souk. The market houses over 600 shops, where the shoppers will find all kinds of essentialities; such as clothing, electronic, food, jewelry, and gold. The upper floor of the market has an ambience of an authentic Arabian bazaar. Here, you will find vendors that sell carpets, antiques, and all sorts of exotic souvenirs. Lastly, you will also find plenty of cafes here where you can satiate your hunger.

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2.     Sharjah Desert Park

The Sharjah Desert Park covers a vast area and an edutainment zone that has various sections. The names of the sections are Arabian Wildlife Center, Natural History Museum, and the Children’s Farm. The park helps the readers to get a thorough understanding of the natural processes in the animals and flora and fauna of the country. Plus, the funny way of explanation also ensures that visitors do not get bored. The park is 28 km from the city center and is an amazing place to visit. Especially if you are a nature lover, you cannot afford to overlook the charisma of this park.

3.     Khalid Lagoon

Khalid Lagoon is the world’s third-highest fountain that is located in the right middle of the city. Watching the water dancing will give you an amazing sense of serenity and joy. It is believed that the doctors cure the patients of depression by asking them to watch the mesmerizing fountain. Amazingly, the sight becomes extremely attractive at night as the dancing lights and the colorful patterns dot the atmosphere. Watching the magical fountain throwing water up to a couple of hundred meters would be an overwhelming experience. Lastly, you can also come here with your partner to spend a romantic evening. Try to book the flights in advance if you want cheap flights tickets.

4.     Souk Al-Jubail

If you are interested in experiencing the bustle of the traditional Arabian shopping, then Sharjah’s huge and covered Souk Al-Jubail is a perfect place to start from. Here, you will be able to join several local shoppers who do their weekly rounds at the Fish Souk. The Fish Souk exudes with the busy and stink mix of color and noise. Thereafter, you can head to the Fruit and Vegetable Souk, always flooded with the vendors shouting out their bargaining prices. In addition, the Souk Al Jubail will also provide you with an opportunity to capture the vibrant photos of the local and international tourists.

5.     Sharjah Aquarium

Sharjah Aquarium is a spot where the visitors will get exposed to a wide range of marine animals. The Aquarium comprises of about 20 tanks that house a large variety of marine species. The government in Dubai has built this aquarium for the sole purpose of preserving marine life. From reef sharks and eels to the vibrant fishes and sea horses, the aquarium has over 250 species of aquatic life. Amazingly, tourists can also check the smaller marine life by observing the pools, lagoons, mangroves, and coral reefs. So, while visiting Sharjah, never forget to come here as your trip would not be complete without coming here.

6.     Qanat Al Qasba

Qanat Al Qasba is known for hosting a number of entertaining activities that will compel you to love the place. It is also described as a bustling entertainment center owing to the presence of so many cinemas and music halls. Though there are dozens of attraction spots here, the most famous one is the Ferris wheel, which is called the Eye to the Emirates. So, once you start your thrilling drive on this wheel, you will get an overwhelming view of the entire city. In addition, you can also head to the nearby food stalls that will excite you by offering delicious delicacies.


Though various other cities in the UAE are also famous for tourism, Sharjah has another level when it comes to entertainment and joy. The city will fill your mind with the permanent memories of satisfaction and enthusiasm. Visit faremakers if you want to book the ticket for Sharjah at a low price.

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