Various Applications and Special Features of Carbon Fiber Sheets or Composites for Modern Industries


Whether we talk about aviation, aerospace, racing, robotics and any other industry, composites or sheets made of carbon fiber have found their wide applications in diverse sectors. A prime reason behind this is that carbon is about 5times stronger as compared to steel, while has about one-third of the weight of any steel product. In other words, carbon fibers and carbon sheets are the strongest as well as lightweight materials available in the modern industry or market. In this blog post, you will come to know about carbon or prepreg composites and their special features to become beneficial for almost every type of modern industry.

Some of the main benefits which you can get from autoclave composites are mentioned below:

1. The autoclave composites are easy to use. Even you are using it with complex curvature of the product.
2. The process is clean, and if the service provider can complete this job by experienced professionals, then the process will offer you better quality. And along with this, it will also offer you conformity.
3. It also has excellent fatigue resistance.
4. To provide the best material, the service provider needs to understand the basic objectives of your requirement. Without properly knowing this, it can be difficult for them to deliver the best product.

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Overview of Carbon Fiber
Carbon fiber is available as the thinnest possible fiber strands i.e. the ones, which are fine from a human hair. Individuals may easily twist such strands together as similar to yarns or tows or may wove them into carbon fiber fabrics, which often come in 12k, 6k and 3k weights with 12,000 strands, 6,000 strands and 3strands in a single tow in terms of weight.

Fabrics Made of Carbon Fiber
Fabrics comprised of carbon fiber come in different types of weaves and each of them incorporates diverse strength properties. Common fiber fabrics are twill weaves, plain weaves, harness stain weaves and unidirectional weaves. Weaves are critical for their outstanding functionality and excellent appearance. Each of the weaves appears in a different way and sometimes, people choose the look of a specific weave to perform a specific type of application.

Besides, weave effect the overall strength of a particular product. A unidirectional type of weave creates a special type of carbon fiber sheet, which has enough strength in the fibers’ direction but is weak while it goes in the reverse direction.

On the other side, twill and plain weaves have uniform strength, as they are strong at specific points i.e. the fibers crossing in either of the direction. Furthermore, if we talk about prepregs, they are suitable composite materials, which involve pre-impregnation of a reinforced carbon fiber by using thermoset or thermoplastic type of resin matrix in a specific ratio. Prepregs come with unique properties, as you may cure them under high pressure and temperature both.





Manufacturing of Composites by Using Carbon Fiber
Industrial professionals infuse or saturate carbon fiber-made fabrics by using epoxy resins and heat them at high temperature to manufacture carbon fiber sheets or composites. Later on, layering of shaped pieces is done by using different pieces of fabric on a mold. This step allows saturation of fiber sheets by using resin and heats them until and unless the resin infuses through different layers.

Applications of Sheets Made of Prepregs or Carbon Fiber
Until now, carbon fibers and prepregs have found their diverse applications in different industries, about which we have listed here-

1.•Cargo liners, aircraft flooring, aerospace components and aircraft interiors
2.•Varieties of automotive components, ballistic panels and tools
3.•AC ducts and applications based on the transmission of electronics
4.•High temperature parts, sporting items and UV resistant components
5. Foam and honeycomb panels combined with varieties of flame retardant types of laminates
6. Composites formed by carbon-carbon, high impact types of surfaces and high-rise floors.
7. •Seatbacks, doublers and UAVs.

Why Prepreg Composites or Carbon Fiber Composites are Preferable
Industries prefer for prepreg composites or carbon fiber composites because carbon fiber itself comes with following special features-

Lightweight than Steel and Aluminum
If you compare carbon fiber with steel, you will find that the carbon fiber is about 5times lightweight as compared to the steel. Moreover, it is about 2times lightweight as compared to aluminum while we compare the pieces of more or less similar size. Reason for this is that carbon fiber sheets and the carbon fiber are of low-density materials and possess high strength to weight ratio.

High Stiffness and Strength with High Tensile Strength
CFRP i.e. carbon fiber reinforced polymers have high stiffness or modulus and specific strength in one density as compared to wood, plastic and metal. Besides, if we talk about tension, any of the commercial reinforced carbon fibers may bend or stretch hardly.

Huge Resistance towards Chemicals and Corrosion
Carbon fiber sheets possess inert epoxy resins and hence, they are not or less susceptible towards rust or corrosion. Other than this, carbon bonds strongly in fibers and stay highly resistant towards the oxidization process.

Low Thermal Conductivity and High Electrical Conductivity
Aluminum, steel and other metals act as conductors and radiate or transmit a huge amount of heat to the surroundings resulting in heat soak. On the other side, carbon fibers come with low thermal conductivity to avoid radiation or transmission of heat. In contrast, carbon fiber or prepreg composites have high electrical conductivity and they are excellent electricity conductors.

Low Thermal Expansion
Whenever a metal exposes to heat, it expands and becomes weak, which may result in many problems and sometimes, failure of a specific part. Positively, carbon fibers incorporate low thermal expansion and hence, they contract or expand less in both cold or hot conditions as compared to aluminum, steel or any other metal.

Equipped with RF Shielding and is of UV Resistant
Carbon fiber performs its functions well to block or attenuate radio frequency waves and protect the devices from various scanners and other people putting efforts to access the data. Especially, carbon fiber sheets and composites remain invisible in front of X-rays and transparent to radiation. Hence, many facilities and medical centers use such fibers for manufacturing varieties of industrial and medical products respectively. If this is not enough, if fiber composites made of prepregs or carbon contains proper resins, they may act as a perfect ultra violet resistant.

Come with Outstanding Level of Product Durability
Carbon fiber-made sheets and composites come with superior level of fatigue properties as compared to steel, aluminum and various types of metals available in the market. Accordingly, components made by using carbon fiber hardly wear or tear out even when you use them under constant and high level of stress and tension.

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