Varieties Of Ceiling Panels Specific Type Of Construction

Ceiling Panels
Ceiling Panels

The ambiance of any room depends on some primary factors like the layout of the room, color scheme, furniture in the room, and last but not the list finishing on the walls as well as the ceiling. A gorgeous ceiling can transform an ordinary room into a luxurious place to welcome guests, chillout, or hold meetings.

No matter whether the place is commercial or residential, the splendid ceiling can elevate the proud owner’s status in the society. The primary roof of the room, which is provided by the builder, is a slab that holds the weight of the structure above it, so if the ceiling has to be upgraded, it has to be done without disturbing the original structure.

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There are a lot of options to cover the ceiling without harming the slab of the room like, superior ceiling panels, false ceilings like POP. There glamours ceiling is not only helpful in looking gorgeous it also helps in soundproofing the place by outside noises or echos.

Ceiling Panels
Ceiling Panels

Types of Ceiling Panels or Tiles, 

There are many types of superior ceiling panels that can transform your ceiling into a whole different dimension, for functional as well as aesthetic reasons.  The superior ceiling panels are the specific type of construction material that is very light weighted and are used to cover the ceiling without harming the original slab. The tiles or the panels are fitted in an aluminum grid, the grid or the aluminum structure can be constructed as per the requirement of the room and choice of the customer. There are basically four types of superior ceiling panels namely.

  • Acoustical– generally made up of fiberglass, these types of ceiling panels are mostly installed as drop method. The aluminum straps are hung from the ceiling, and the acoustical tiles are attached or dropped between the metal straps. The metal straps and the ceiling panels are attached with the metal brackets that help them to lock without falling.
  • Tin – these types of superior ceiling panels are obtained in the metals like aluminum copper or brass. They give a sort of authentic look to the ceiling turning the room into a perfect combination of modern art with traditional values. The designs available on such tiles are endless, and so every ceiling can be a unique one, and the colors can also be decided according to the choice of the customer.
  • Cork – nature lovers or environment saver enthusiastic always go for eco-friendly material when it comes to refurbishing or decorating their houses. Cork is such an eco-friendly material that can be attached to your original ceiling. A perfect roof for any home as it is water as well as fire resistant.
  • Plastic – an affordable light weighted plastic can prove to be a good option for those who love embossing designs. As the plastic is quite a cheaper option, many homeowners prefer plastic ceilings. They are attached to the original roof by hanging method or stuck by adhesive. These types of ceilings are also known as false ceilings.
Ceiling Panels
Ceiling Panels

Usage of Superior Ceiling Panel

There are multiple uses of superior ceiling panels like:

  • They soundproof the room,
  • They provide insulation to the room by avoiding overheating as well as cooling of the place that can happen due to climatic changes
  • they make the room look stylish and elegant.
  • They are quite cost effective
  • If a panel or a tile is damaged, it can be easily replaced without disturbing the surrounding ceiling panels.

Thus, ceiling panels prove to be the best affordable option to transform any ordinary room into a soundproof and glamorous looking room.

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