Vape Pens Vs. Box Mods


Since the release of e-vapes in 2007, vaping has come a long way. Hundreds of mouthwatering tastes, many devices, and a great choice have made vaping super popular, but people still wonder what’s right for me? Whenever you see vapers in the street, they’re probably using either vape pens or a box mod. So what’s the difference, and which one is right for you?


Most of them are pen-shaped, super slim, and are easy to use. They are powered by batteries like all vaporizers, they have an e-liquid tank and a push-to-fire or draw-to-puff system on the mouthpiece. The all-in-one design, the low cost, and convenience make them perfect for beginners.


Box mods are large models with more power and taste than vape pens, much like their name. The mod itself is separate from the tank and battery and ranks highly with expert vapers because of its more significant clouds and often better flavor.

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Size -vape pen portability is one of the most desired features. They can be stored easily in your jeans, pocket, bag, and handkerchief, or practically in other small areas. They don’t get cumbersome, don’t attract much attention, and they fade into obscurity. Most consumers value the discreet use of vape pens. When it comes to size, Vape pens and Vape Mods are at opposite ends. Box modes are heavier and larger compared to the vape pens.

Complexity-A vape pen keeps things neat and straightforward. It can be used with almost no expertise and still gives the highest satisfaction. Although it offers less customization than box mods, the vape pens can offer variable voltage/wattage, even though users focus more on all-in-one conveniences, like micro USB charging. Box mods have more personalized features, tank choice, voltage, and precise temperatures.

Accessories-Vape Pens are trendy because of their all-under one roof approach. They have a USB charger and cable, an integrated battery, and a tank. On the other hand, Box mods involve only purchasing the mod. You select a fitting tank, coils, and the right battery once you have found your perfect choice. Many box mods can be charged via micro-USB (e.g., Wismec RX2/3). But pros know that using an external charge bay is faster and better.

Price-Vape pens are tiny and less complicated than box mods and are therefore usually quite affordable. Vapers that choose to spend a little more on a box mod do so for more strength, and what is generally regarded as a better experience for more experienced vapers.

Battery-The structure, life, and power of the battery differ between vape pens and box mods. Vape pens often come with a battery, although smaller than box mods, they provide less power and battery life. The box mods offer longer battery life and more power thanks to larger batteries, which need to be bought separately.

Wattage-Though many vape pens provide some variations in wattage, box mods are the best thing since sliced bread for wattage control. High wattage provides a stronger throat hit and will increase your chance of super clouds.

Durability-box mods certainly win on the long-term front. They might be bulkier, but they are solid as a rock. Vape pens are less robust, but again lighter, smaller, convenient to use, less cumbersome and less costly. Many vape pens are perceived as less durable mainly because they fall and get knocked over more often when carrying them on the go.

Experience-The taste and cloud quality of a vape pen or a mod are critical factors for selecting a package. Vape pens are thinner on the clouds, rendering them suitable for stealthy vaping. Vapers use box mods for the clouds and taste. The box modes offer the thickest clouds and sensational flavor. Pens are still versatile, such as those with three preselected settings. If your game is cloud or flavor, box the mod.

What’s the best one for you?

It depends on what you need. You will probably want to go with a steam pen if you want something to take with you wherever you go, or when you are a first time user. A vape mod is likely to be your preferred option if you wish to be home when you use vapes, are experienced, and need more energy. It would be cool if you get the best of both worlds. Buy one each, so you’ll always have what you need regardless of where you are or what you do!

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