Know the Value of Influencers on Twitter


Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks available around. It is the favorite of celebrities and common people alike. Being on Twitter is considered as being relevant in the present times due to the exposure it provides. To be a big thing on Twitter, one needs to have celebrity status and millions of followers. Those people who are able to pull the strength of 10K and more followers towards their posts are looked upon as influencers. The role of an influencer in the present world of marketing is huge. Hiring and identifying influencers on Twitter is equivalent to signing a celebrity for offline endorsements. Thus, influencers are giving the marketers a readymade vehicle to ride upon and shout out to the target audience and are earning big bucks off their brand value and reputation.

Who is an influencer on Twitter?

A celebrity, film star, fashion icon, TV personality, or any person belonging to any field with incredible work done can be termed as a top Twitter influencer. Statistically speaking, the profiles having a minimum of 10K followers and posts views can be categorized as an influencer.

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How Influencer Proves to Be Important to Advertisers and Promotion Experts

Why is influencer becoming a big deal for advertisers and promotion experts? If we try to answer this question, simple reasoning would be impacted and reach. The two main objectives of advertising and promotion are, first, bringing attention to the product or service in focus and second, increasing the reach of the campaign designed. Influencers are those who are under scanners constantly and their every single post gets an uncountable number of shares. Thus, approaching influencers is quite similar to having a billboard on the most attractive space or having solar space in the newspaper. The influencer gives the reach, the popularity, and fetches the product desired credibility.

Top Twitter influencers and the money they make with every post

An influencer is mostly a celebrity, but for obvious reasons, those will not work for the general public. It is because the recommendations made by them are for a select audience. Businesses need profiles who may not be as popular as an entertainer or artist but have a reputation in the niche they are part of. Such profiles are called micro-influencers and they form a very important element of Twitter for Business universe.

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Influencers of top-level mostly belong to entertainment and media, fashion, sports, music, TV and etc. Micro-influencers can be from any field, but they are supported by a team of marketers and social media experts who use their expertise to promote the product to the target population.

Statistically speaking, the profile of a Twitter influencer can inspire any person to quit the job and don this beautiful and charismatic hat. Such is the remuneration earned by top Twitter influencers in recent times. Some of the noteworthy types of top Twitter influencers and their annual earnings are:

  • Mega Influencers: These are mostly celebrities and mega-stars who have earned the followership of more than a million. They can earn half a million and much beyond through the way of sponsored posts.
  • Macro Influencers: These are yet to touch the millions in terms of followership but their impact and outreach are brilliant. They also earn 10 million dollars and above as their annual earnings.
  • Micro-Influencers: The micro-influencers are those who have a followership base above 10K. They get annual remuneration through contracts between them and companies. Their annual earnings are somewhere between $5-$20 million dollars a year.
  • Nano Influencers: These are having very few followers as compared to the above three. The estimated number can start anywhere from 1k and above. However, the followers are the select audience and they show the direct influence of the influencer on their buying decisions. The loyalty level is quite high, influence does not change overnight for this category.

Business-wise, the companies hiring influencers are making about $5.20 on every dollar spent on the influencers. Such is the ROI percentage influencer brings to the businesses. In fact, the earnings have risen to about $20 for the top 13% of the companies adopting the influencer marketing strategy.

Another kind of value that top Twitter influencers bring to the business is the trust of the target population. People buying products by getting influenced by the tweets belong to the age group of 13-24. Most of the decision-makers belong to this age group. Thus, Twitter influencers make marketing efforts more focused while creating more opportunities for selling for businesses.

Some interesting observations

When you consider the value of Twitter influencers, it is believed that more than 40% of Twitter users are strongly influenced by the tweets of top influencers in a way that they confirm their purchase decisions based on these tweets. That’s the reason they take a prominent position when it comes to driving sales.

Twitter influence is very fickle. One cannot measure the extent of influence in statistical data form. It is most valued by the way it brought a positive change in sales. Young millennials are the main target audience who are highly influenced by the tweets they come across and base their buying decisions on the stuff they are introduced to social media. Thus, it can rightly be said that influencers are one of the most valuable assets any company has in its arsenal for staying relevant in a highly competitive market.

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