Using the best alcohol based sanitizer for the palms 


We apply sanitizers to our hands kill the germs. During this pandemic situation, we should always apply sanitizers whenever we go out. We should not preferably touch the surfaces or objects outdoors because if somebody coughs or sneezes, the germ particles become suspended. But, if we apply sanitizers to the hand, then we are not infected easily. But, we should apply the best sanitizers to our hand so that we do not experience any skin problems. The best sanitizer in India contains 70% Iso propyl and hence when we rub our hands the germs are killed instantly. 

Using the best sanitizer for killing germs

As the sanitizer contains immunity booster, it helps in preventing any type of illness or infection. The germs are killed even without using water to our hands. Our skin becomes free from germs and can fight against any type of infection. Applying sanitizer to our hands, our hands always remain clean. We should just rub our hands together to fight against any infection. So, we should apply the best sanitizer in India that contains less alcohol. It is used to kill 99.9% germs and the hands become totally free from germs. So, the hands become cleaner.

Applying the best sanitizer to the hands

The sanitizer contains Iso Propyl I.P of 70%.  The sanitizer should be applied on your palm and it should be rubbed at the back of the hands also. It should be applied on the fingertip to dry. This sanitizer should not be applied in excessive quantity because it contains alcohol. You should not apply the sanitizer to your face or other parts of body. It should be applied to the palm and back of your hands only. It should be spread gently to the hands. You should rub your hands together. 

Applying sanitizers to the hands

The sanitizer is flammable and hence it should be kept away from flame and heat. It should not be applied near the eyes also because it causes a burning sensation. If it touches the eye area, then you should wash the area with water. If a person is feeling irritated after applying it, then they should not apply it. It should be protected from heat or moisture. The children should not touch the products. It is meant for external use only. The alcohol based hand sanitizer should not be exposed to air and should be simply wiped to the hands. 

If we use this sanitizer to our hands, then our hands become squeaky clean and help in preventing any type of illness or infection. The hands become clean and you need not apply soap or water to the hands to clean your hands. You can apply drops of alcohol-based hand sanitizer to your hands. 

This sanitizer is used at home, hospitals, clinics or any commercial places also. Most of the sanitizers contain isopropyl alcohol, n-propane with aversions of alcohol 60% to 95%. The alcohol based sanitizers help in killing microorganisms, but not spores. But the best sanitizers help in killing the spores also.