Used Toyota Landcruiser – Market Remains Strong

Used Toyota Landcruiser - Market Remains Strong

Starting in the 1950s, Toyota Landcruiser has developed a legendary reputation as a high-capacity off-road vehicle, known for its high-powered engine and rugged chassis and powertrain. Since then, these features have characterized all models, and along with technological advances and a greater focus on luxury, the 2010 Landcruiser 200 is an incredible vehicle. This proven history and development over the last 60 years has made the used Toyota Landcruiser market a thriving area of ​​activity.

Landcruiser development began in Japan just after World War II, when the Japanese were exposed to the US military Jeep. UU. And they saw the potential to improve this model and offer it to the civilian market. In January 1951, the first prototype was completed, known as Model BJ. With a 3.4-liter, six-cylinder engine producing 85 hp (64 kW) for the day, an existing Toyota SB truck chassis and a solid four-wheel drive train, the legend began as this vehicle had excellent off-road capabilities. These features were the platform for all future models that have been a winning combination for Toyota Landcruiser ever since.

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After building a solid reputation in its early years, Toyota continued its development, and in 1954 the name ‘Land Cruiser’ was adopted in an effort to distance itself from the American Jeep and also to remain strong against the established Land Rover brand. . The FJ25 came with the first F-Series engine, with more power at 105 hp (79 kW) and improved suspension lane for better driving and comfort. This model was first imported to Australia in 1958 by Theiss Brothers for use in the Snowy Mountain Hydroelectric Scheme. This was the beginning of a love story with Landcruiser in Australia that is still going strong today.

Demand for the used Toyota Landcruiser remains strong on all models in Australia, from the legendary FJ40, built between 1960 and 1984, to the ever-popular Landcruiser 80 and Landcruiser 100 models. Fighting and comfort improvements have even seen the Land Cruiser become popular as a city vehicle for families who need a little more.

The Landcruiser 200 is ready to cement its place as the best 4WD on earth and the combination of off-road capabilities and luxury makes this a unique vehicle. From gasoline or dual turbo diesel V8 engines, advanced traction and suspension control and excellent interior trim, this is definitely a model that will keep up with demand in the used Toyota Landcruiser market.

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