Use Of Diamond Drilling In Various Industries

diamond drilling construction

Let us begin by learning about diamond drilling. It is high speed as well as a high-production method of drilling in concrete, stone, asphalt or masonry structures. It is named so because the drill bit used here literally consists of diamonds that help cut through some hard materials like concrete. Diamond drilling is really safe, fast, quiet and does not cause any impact or vibration damage to the immediate surrounding structure. Diamond core drilling minimizes incidents of spalling, eliminates fractures and doesn’t transfer vibrations to the surrounding structure. Over the past century, diamond drill bits have shown their worth and remain a leading technology even in the present day.

Applications of diamond drilling in the construction industry

The introduction of this cutting-edge tool has made a tremendous impact on the growth of the construction industry all around the world. This technique has simplified the task of construction professionals to a great extent. Since diamond drilling is a very precise form of core drilling it is mainly used to create holes and openings in concrete. Since the drilling process can be done in a horizontal as well as vertical manner with the help of this drill bit it is quite suitable for operating in remote and restricted areas of the construction site. This kind of drilling also makes the installation of ducting or electrical cabling through concrete and brickwork structures pretty convenient and makes minimal mess throughout the process. Another technique that has become relatively easy with the help of diamond drilling is that of bursting wherein precise pilot holes are required for hydraulic bursting and demolition of desired concrete, brick or stone surfaces. The diamond drill can efficiently cut through any piece of construction, irrespective of the depth or hardness of the concrete, leaving behind a smooth edge.

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The utility of diamond drilling in underground mining and mineral exploration

Underground mining diamond drilling is a process of essentially extracting core samples from the Earth. This is an exploratory process that determines the actual structural strength of mineral composition for potential mining or construction operations. The diamond implemented drill bit is widely used in the exploration phase of the mining process. Diamond drilling extracts rock samples that are analyzed by geologists to understand sub-surface geology. They are a reliable tool as they are made from industrial strength diamonds which unlikely to break or get damaged. Thre are several research papers as well as articles elaborating on the techniques of diamond drilling for the exploration of gold and other metals. There have also been many advances in the technology of the diamond drilling which allows the miners to obtain performance data directly from the drill bit and analyze it to optimize cutter engagement, reduce uncertainty and increase the drilling efficiency.

Polycrystalline diamond compact drill bits are used for drilling of oil and gas wells

The advances in technology have helped people improve the lifespan of these PDC drill bits that are made with a casting process in order to enhance the performance of the drill. The increased life span also paves the way for the industry to use rentals and save on the overall cost of the project. These drill bits are made specifically to minimize vibration and hence reduce the premature wear and slow drilling process.
Diamond drilling proves to be a very versatile technique
As we have read, diamond drilling is a very versatile methodology that can be implemented in various industries and areas of commerce. They make the entire projects much simpler and efficient in terms of time, cost and technique. The diamond drill bit sare known for their superior performance, lower cost-per-foot and increased rate of penetration.

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