Use Air Fryer: Don’t Waste Your Cooking Time


There is a lot of talk about an air fryer being a healthy alternative for cooking a variety of dishes because you can prepare all these dishes in this appliance with the same taste asthat of conventionally fried food but by using a much smaller quantity of oil. This is true not just for fried foods but for baked and grilled foods as well. There are several benefits, other than health, that make the air fryer a desirable addition to the already existing range of cooking appliances in your kitchen. In fact, it might even be able to replace some of them. 

Saving time is certainly one of the major benefits of using an air fryer. This is how it helps:

You Need Not Supervise

You can do all kinds of cooking without constantly attending to the food as it cooks. This is specifically more convenient when you want to prepare fried foods. Even when you use the air fryer to bake, grill or roast, it does not require you to keep checking in at regular intervals once you have put it in to cook.

Reduces Cooking Time

It reduces cooking time since the fryer does not require preheating and uses convection to make the hot air circulate within the appliance to cook the food. Oil is also used and circulated with the hot air when required. This method ensures that the food is cooked quickly and evenly from all sides. 

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It Can Cook Large Quantity at One Time

Air fryers come in different sizes and capacities, but even the smallest one is sufficient to easily cook for a family of four. You do not have to prepare the food in multiple batches. The cooking time is hence reduced giving you more time to enjoy the meal with your family.

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You Can Cook a Variety of Quick Snacks

It is a great appliance when you want to prepare pre-cooked frozen snacks such as nuggets, potato fries etc. These save the time where you need to heat the oil and then cook. These can be directly added to the air fryer and cooked to the perfect crispiness. 

Preparation of the favourite Indian snacks also becomes very easy and healthy with this appliance. Some other quick snacks that can be prepared in the air fryer are fried sweet potato cubes, roasted vegetables, doughnuts and roasted chicken. 

Easy to Clean

When you are done with cooking, the large number of vessels and appliances that need to be cleaned up afterwards can be really daunting and require a lot of effort. With this appliance, the cleaning is quick and easy, so you do not have to spend too much time trying to clean up, another major saving on time.

Thus, air fryers help you to enjoy tastier, healthier and quicker meals. The time spent in the kitchen is reduced and leaves you with the opportunity to indulge in other more productive activities. If you also wish to enjoy more free time, you might want to consider investing in an air fryer. 

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