Unique Cookies To Give as Gift During This Holiday Season


Christmas is the time to offer gifts and express your heartfelt sentiments. There are multiple gifting options available that one can offer during the holiday season. 

One such of them turns out to be the delicious and crunchy cookies without which Christmas seems to be incomplete. 

Today, in this blog we are going to share with you some unique cookies gift hampers that you can offer it as a gift during the holiday season. Also, you order Christmas cookies online from any of these cookies and break a smile on your loved one’s face.

Curious to know? Let us check out the blog and keep reading!



The first one is Chocolate spice cookies. The name itself suggests how delicious combination this sounds. With a hint of spiciness and semi-sweet chocolate, it is a perfect gift for Christmas. There are different variations available in the chocolate and spice cookies. Hence, one can try out according to the choice of their loved one. Besides, the chocolates are decorated with cookie stamp and also the flavorful orange butter glaze coated on top of it. This is a decadent combination to make Christmas merrier.           


  • Gingerbread Cookies Letters to Santa :


Gingerbread cookies are the classic combination during the Christmas festivity. Besides, they also match up in a great way for the various Christmas themes. But, this time, here is the little twist to have in the Gingerbread cookies. We have been making the Gingerbread cookies in the same shape and flavors. 

But, this Christmas, you can make the Gingerbread cookies in the letters. You can cut the cookies in the individual letter shape and then bring the royal icing on top of it. This will also make the cookies look tempting. 


  • Bar Cookies :


Are you someone who forgets to make the cookies? Well, here’s how you can solve the last minute hassle with the Bar Cookies. It falls in the middle category of cookies and cake thereby making it a tasty option. It also consumes less time in making the cookies. All you need is to pour the ingredients in the pan instead of a baking bowl. And later, let the dough lies in different shapes. Once, it cools down to cut them into various shapes like triangle, square, rectangle, etc. 


  • Fried Cookies :


Have you ever heard about the Fried Cookies? We bet you haven’t. That’s why this Christmas try out the popular ever Fried Cookies. The name itself suggests that the cookies are filled with the tantalizing flavor and then deep-fried. 

Once, they are fried up to medium brown shade and crunchy, dip them into the powder sugar for extra feels. Most of the time, the fried cookies are best served right after the crispness. Otherwise, the cookies tend to become soft. Alongside this, you can also serve a dollop of ice cream for a delightful combination.  


  • Molded Cookies :


Molded Cookies are the traditional cookies, we all have been making during Christmas. But, this time make it with a hard dough and form the shapes before the baking process begins. One can mold the cookies using hand or perhaps a cookie-cutter. 

The exciting shapes like wreaths, canes, and, crescents are some of the types you’ll come across. If you are planning to send your dear family members then opt for the Christmas gift delivery to spain for fast and quick delivery. 


  • Drop Cookies :


Last but not least comes the Drop Cookies to gift during the Christmas Holiday Season. While making this type of cookies the dough has to be not too stiff or soft. The cookies are then prepared by dropping a spoonful of cookie dough on the baking sheet. It will flatten on the sheet and then takes its shape during the baking process.

So, that was all about the unique cookies to offer during the Christmas holiday season. Each of the cookies mentioned down in the blog differs from the baking procedure, shape, size, and flavors. But, if there’s one thing common within all, it is to have a long-lasting taste leaving in your taste buds.  So, what are you waiting for? Choose any of the cookies and order right away to make the Christmas cheerful and full of love.