Understanding the need of proper Scrap Yards

Scrap Yards
Scrap Yards

You may often hear a reference to scrap yards when you are reading a book or watching a movie. And in your head you might envision a dumping ground of sorts for all things scrap. While you are part right, the whole industry of scrap yard and scrap metal recycling is much larger and plays a much deeper role in preserving the environment than they get credit for. Apart from that, these two industries also generate thousands of jobs for people across the country.

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What are Scrap Yards?

 Typically a store where you enter as the retailer and the person sitting behind the table is the customer. If you have old metals like refrigerators, cars, air conditioners and the like, you can visit your nearest scrap yard to sell these ‘junks’.  This might make you wonder how your discarded and broken washing machine can provide jobs and finance for another person. Well, it might surprise you to know that the junk buying and recycling industry rakes in billions of dollars every year.

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  • Buying of junk – Owners of these scrap yards buys anything that has metal in it. If you want to sell something that you find no longer useful, you can always rely on getting something out of those items. There are charts and valid gets updated on a regular basis. While they will always try to cheat you out by purchasing these at lower prices, you can always negotiate with  dealer to get a good price. One of the best ways to do so is if you are selling smaller scraps.
  • Checking for salvages – Once the junk is purchased, it goes through a good inspection to dismantle spare parts which are working. Metals are sorted out from other parts with the help of really strong magnets. Each part gets checked thoroughly and repairs are made as per the requirement. If you want to find genuine spare parts for your car, you can pay a visit..
  • Selling reusable parts – No item is completely dead. If you know about electronics and mechanics, you will find that there are some parts that are still alive. For example, the magnetron of a microwave oven stays fine for at least 10 years while the oven might fail to perform after 5 years. A person who has no technical idea will not know about these aspects.
Scrap Yards
Scrap Yards

Before heading for the Scrap Yard

Whether you are an artist of looking for cheaper options to complete your DIY project, you will find these yards filled with scraps to be a treasure trove. But sorting what you need and paying the correct price is essential.  While the dealers tend to buy things for cheap, they show no such consideration when selling. They will charge as high as possible for the same thing.

So before you set forth for the nearest scrap yards these are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Always check the latest price of the junk you will buy. Each metal has a set amount and each day they fluctuate. Go on days where the prices are lowest.
  • Inquire if they have the parts you need. Before making the trip, call the service providers  and get details of the product.
  • Research. You need to be well-versed with the technicalities of the item you wish to buy especially if it’s electrical in nature.

Final note

Artists can find great inspiration from scrap yards. The setting, the casualness of it all and still the underlying professionalism can blow the mind of anyone. Whether you are buying, selling, or working on a project and require guidance, this industry with its hidden flow will be the perfect setup for you to learn.

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