8 Types of Heating to Consider for Your Home

types of heating

Did you know over half of energy use in houses is for air conditioning and heating? Consider changing your heating system. If you want to learn about heating systems, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over the different types of heating systems.

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1. Radiant Heating

Radiant heating sends electric or hot water heat through tubes located in the floor or walls.

A radiant heating distribution system will last a long time. Yet, repairs will be expensive.

Radiant heating is more efficient compared to baseboard heating and forced-air heating. People with allergies prefer this system because it doesn’t distribute allergens.

2. Boiler

Boilers are a popular heating system in American homes. The main boiler circulates the hot water or steam through pipes to radiator units in the house.

This system is pricier to install and costs more to run.

3. Heat Pump

A heat pump is more efficient compared to other heating systems. Heat pumps will work better in a moderate climate when the temperature doesn’t go below freezing.

4. Hybrid Heating

Hybrid heating combines the power of a gas furnace and the energy efficiency of a heat pump.

The heat pump will operate to cool and heat your home.

Since you don’t need to rely on one system, you’ll reduce the strain on both units. You might not have as many future replacements and repairs.

5. Ductless Mini-Splits

Mini-split units will let you create different HVAC zones with separate thermostats.

If you have a big home, you might want to look at this option. If you don’t have ductwork installed, you could try a ductless mini-split.

6. Furnace

A furnace will push hot air through a series of ducts. The furnace system will distribute conditioned or heated air throughout your house.

Furnaces burn propane, natural gas, or oil to heat your house. The air gets heated inside the furnace before getting distributed via the ductwork.

Gas furnaces are a standard heating system.

7. Electric Space Heater

A portable electric heater isn’t costly to buy. Yet, these plug-in heaters are expensive to use. The portable heater will convert the electric current from the wall socket into heat.

For intermittent use, consider using a space heater.

8. Active Solar Heating

Active solar heating systems will use solar energy to heat air or liquid. Next, it will transfer the solar heat to a storage system for later use or into an interior space.

If the solar system doesn’t provide enough heat, a back-up system will provide extra heat.

Consider what heating system will work best in your home. Learn about a modern residential home heating company.

Now You Know About the Types of Heating Systems to Consider

We hope this guide on different types of heating was helpful. Now that you know about the types of heating options consider what will work for your home.

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