Types Of Australia Time Clock To Choose For Your Business


Becoming the head of a company with several employees can be a task of headache. Also, it is the responsibility of the HR department as well as the senior members of a business to ensure that the organization is functioning properly, and the employees aren’t bypassing or marking proxy attendance. Also, if there is any kind of ignorance in duty, it can hamper the productivity and profitability of the business.

Let’s have a look at the different types of time clocks that you can choose for your own business:

  • RFID time clock: RFID(Radio-Frequency Identification) time clock is an Australia time clock that allows users to tape their fob or card on the scanner affixed to it. These time clocks often use proximity cards so that the machine can easily read from a distance of as much as 10 feet. With this unique feature, scanning the card becomes extremely easy and trouble-free. Since no physical contact is required, they do not wear down over time and usage, due to which an Australia time clock is more durable if compared with other types of time clocks available in the market.
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  • Magnetic swipe time clock: This kind of Australia time clock works on a card that the employees have to carry with them while entering or exiting their work premises. The speciality about these cards is they contain a magnetic stripe that the employees are required to swipe in a slot on the time clock to enter their credentials of entering and Exit time.. However, employees may face serious issues if they forget their card at home, or if it gets damaged or stolen anyhow. Since the magnetic card may wear down over time with repeated swipes, it may need to be replaced from time to time.
  • Password protected time clock: This Australia time clock features a PIN (Personal Identification Number) or a specific set of numeric characters as a password that employees need to type down when they enter or exit their workplace. Many of these clocks also come attached with a magnetic or barcode card for an extra layer of security. However, the situation can get worse if an employee forgets his or her password. Besides this, there is absolutely no scope of time theft with a password protected time clock, as in any case, if an employee shares his/her own password with another member, the other colleague, as well as the password sharer, will definitely get caught red-handed as the clock will detect a possible unauthorized input from a worker who is already present in the office.
  • Biometric time clock: This kind of Australia time clock would be the best if you are facing problems with the buddy punching in your office. This time clock would be a fool-proof way to counter this behaviour, as it completely relies on your employees’ fingerprints, due to which your employees cannot clock in or out on behalf of each other. Every single employee has to be physically present in order to enter his or her credentials of the Enter or Exit time. Apart from scanning the fingerprints,there are some other effective time clocks that is capable of scanNing employees’ face or iris so that they can be identified individually with accurate information.
  • IVR time clock: This time clock allows your employees to input their enter and exit time over the When they call a specific number, they have to follow a series of instructions to enter their working time. This kind of time clock is more appropriate for employees working from home or those working from remote locations.

These are some of the types of time clocks that you can use to allow the employees in your company to enter their enter or exit times. Once you decide the right type of Australia time clock you want for your business, compare their rates and features and make an informed decision.

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