I believe each one of us is born to fulfil his destiny. It is our road map to success that God has carved differently for every one of his disciples and probably even for the non-believers.

If it is written in our destinies that we will achieve greatness, then no power in the world can stop us from making it. Since God loves all his subjects equally, he can never be partial; he is the epitome of fairness; all of his subjects are destined for greatness.

However, there are a lot of us who are not able to achieve it. It isn’t because God did not intend it, but because we did not endeavor to make it. Our will to succeed and dedication has to be strong enough.

The path towards greatness starts from when the child is just a toddler. The moment he starts walking, the race commences. From kindergarten to university, competition is always ongoing. If you think after graduating and getting a job it may end, then you are wrong again.

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For some, the road leading to success is filled with more obstacles than others. How we decide to tackle these hurdles will be our defining moments in the ledger kept by Him.

This is the story of one man who had to combat the hurdle of an ungratifying and horrible job to accomplish his true calling.


All of us know that garnering a college education is not at all comfortable in the present times. For one, getting accepted in a reputed university needs the force of all your brain cells working. After getting approved, you need to be able to pay the humongous tuition fees that will drown you in debt until you get a job to repay it.

So imagine a college graduate, who has a 6 figure student loan looming over his head. Let us name him George, he is 22, and he desperately needs a job. In his desperation, he accepted the first job, and he was offered.

He did not even try to negotiate his salary, he did not check the growth prospects, and he did even know what his job responsibilities were.  That is the definition of naive, and unprofessional behaviour put to practice by George.


Because George did not do his homework about the company that hired him, he was unprepared for his first day of work. To say that his experience was unpleasant would be putting it lightly.

He was an assistant to the personal assistant of the editor in a magazine. His direct command was not the most supportive person in the world and being a recruit, and he made mistakes. Everybody does it, but not everybody is berated and humiliated like him.

And that was not all, apart from the daily disparaging comments, he was not learning anything. His bosses did not recognise his talents and abilities. If he wasn’t learning anything, that means there will not be any opportunities to grow for him.

Even after having worked for his organisation for two years, barring aside the primary increment, he did not receive any bonus or appraisal. His rank in the firm was still that of a lowly assistant, which nothing but a better term is for the editor’s errand boy. He was only working there because the job was paying his bills. At the point, his life could not get any worse. But it did.


He was not at all happy about his situation, and he knew this was not his destiny. He had to do something about it and that too soon or else he would lose his mind.

Then the opportunity came in the way of the most brutal verbal bashing from his boss. Since his abilities were never recognised and never appreciated, he became lacklustre in his work.

Perhaps that is why he forgets to update the inventory report and the bills payable. When his boss caught wind of it, he knew he would probably kill George. He went into his boss’ office and was ready for the attack.

The boss started shouting and abusing him to a level that your ears would have begun to bleed if you had heard him. Then something unexpected happened, George flipped a switch, and something snapped in him.

He did not care if he lost his job. When the boss was amid his shouting session, George went to his desk, picked up the glass of water on it, and poured it over his boss’ head. And the best part, George told him to chill. The look that the boss gave him could have killed him right then if a look had that kind of power. He left his resignation letter on his desk, cleared out his stuff and walked out of that god-forsaken place.

After that, he felt as light as a feather, and he thought himself laugh after ages.


George did not have a job now, but he still needed money to survive. He applied for the government benefits for the unemployed and was granted the same. This, along with his savings, was enough to support him for a few months.

He somehow knew he was meant to accomplish more essential things in life. Things that would never be performed in York. He had to move to London. Majority of the financial magazines and newspapers had headquarters in the capital.

His destiny would only be fulfilled if he went there. Now, as he was unemployed, he did not have the kind of money needed for the move. So, what did he do? He applied for the loans for unemployed in the UK, his luck was with him, and he got the money. Then his move could officially commence.


The struggle was still ongoing even after two months of the move. He had seen most of London and had applied to all the big names in the publishing industry. He had more than his fair share of interviews, and now all that was left to do was wait.

Good things come to those who wait, were his philosophy at that time. About a week later, he got the job offer. He did not hurry this time but instead was extremely diligent. He reviewed both the company and his boss before accepting the offer.

He found all the right signals and another week later, he joined as a member of the content team lead by the assistant editor. The salary was not very impressive, but the learning curve only looked upwards. His new team leader was everything you could ask for in a boss. He asked for your opinions and implemented them if they were right. He guided him every step of the way, and that is how a newbie becomes an expert, through constant guidance and motivation.

A similar tale is witnessed all over the country. People get stuck in jobs that they abhor, and they don’t do anything about it. If by taking same day loans, you can change your circumstances for the better, then there is nothing wrong in them.

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