Shilhaandara Resort



Shilhaandara resort is one of its kind which is nearly 90 km from Bangalore near ramanagaram. it is a top-class resort in the most perfect location, like the creators did a good job in finding this location. natural granite rocks covering the resort show the craft of nature. get a monotone life in the environment of shilhaandara resort. The resort is made on the theme of ancient kingdoms that ruled southern India, basically, the architecture is ancient with world-class luxury and modern interiors. They have big spacious rooms with modern amenities. The resort is also famous for its thrilling activities. adventure seekers will find this place insanely beautiful.

They offer many indoor and outdoor games and activities that’s why it is the best family resort to stay at when you are in Bangalore.

outdoor activities like zip-lining, bungee jumping, quad biking, rope activities, archery, beach volleyball, cycling, cricket, tug of war, bow and arrow, and bonfire are some of the outdoor activities.

indoor games chess, carrom, table tennis, rain dance, and snooker are some kinds of indoor activities.

NOTE- all activities are not included in the package.


They provide three kinds of rooms which are unique in their own way. Staying in Shilhaandara resort is fun and relaxing while making your weekend memorable.

Staying in a historic place in unspoiled nature is the best place to stay when you are in Bangalore.

Soumithre (Pool Room)

Accommodate in a 224 sq. ft. room which has world-class luxury. They provide a king-size bed and a private pool. The pool has complete privacy, you can relax in peace after a thrilling adventurous day. It is perfect for families and couples. And the view from the room is majestic, and the granite in front of the doorstep is magnificent. Apart from this, they provide availability of electronic safe, tv, fast internet, coffee machine, air conditioner, mini-bar, laundry service, working desk, and you can also choose meal packages.

Soumithre (Standard Room)

This 168 sq. ft. room is preferable to those who don’t want a private pool. It has all the modern amenities just like a pool room except the pool. The view from the window while looking into the wilderness is incredible and The splendid vistas of granite hill are mesmerizing. They also have flat tv screens, air conditioning, a refrigerator, fast internet, a tea-making machine, laundry service, working desk, choice of full meal packages, chef amenities and you can play complimentary games. Electronic safes are also available

Soumithre (Standard Room)

Sowgandhiks (Jacuzzi Room)

The room is crafted with a luxurious bathroom with a jacuzzi. Enjoy the moment of aromatherapy in a heated jacuzzi, it will soak all the tiredness. Feel stress-free in shilhaandara finest rooms. The panoramic view from your bed will be in your mind forever. They provide all the other luxuries like in the pool room.


The tent stays in shilhaandara resort are loved by adventure seekers who are bored with the luxury but hectic life of the city. These tents offer you peace amidst nature. Sleeping right under the sky is pleasant. They provide welcome drinks, chef amenities, you can choose a meal, and some complimentary games to play. Embrace your soul and experience the tent stay in shilhaandara resort.

Note: Bookings can be done only on Call for Tent Stay.

How to Reach

It is 90 minutes away from Bangalore near ramanagaram. You can reach Ramnagar via bus which is well connected with nearby cities. The bus stand is nearly 8 km from the resort. Kempegowda international airport Bangalore is considered the nearest airport to the resort which is 90 km.

Valuable Point

Check-in time can be flexible in the resort whereas check-out time is 5:30 pm in the evening. The breakfast provided by the resort is only available between 8 to 10 am. some activities are not included in the package so you have to give extra money to perform them. The package can be cheaper on weekdays than on weekends and it is the same for crowds as weekends are more crowded than weekdays. You can book a rain dance in a private pool for large gatherings.

Shilhaandara resort is highly recommended as the best family resort to stay at when you are with your family. Have a good time with your kids in shilhaandara.

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