Awesome Hacks and Facts for Traveling on a Plane

Plan ready for flight

When people think of private jets, there are just two thoughts that hover around their minds – royalty and celebrities. However, flying privately isn’t exclusively for the bourgeois. Now, a large number of people can enjoy the perks and privileges associated with them.

A few years back, cheap and flying by private jet didn’t seem to fit generally in the same sentence; at least if you are the one who is footing the bill. That said, these two factors are now responsible for making flying privately less expensive. And when travel bounces back, more people would probably like to consult air charter companies in Dubai to avoid crowded airports and dirty airliners. Unlike commercial airlines where costs differ on the basis of the number of fliers, capacity, and season, the charge on a private charter is entirely dependent on the hours of the flight and size of the aircraft, irrespective of the number of passengers on board.

Hacks and Facts

Here are some basic hacks and facts about traveling by air. Follow these tips to make your journey easier:

Best Time for Flight

The best time to grab a flight is morning. Morning flights are less likely to be out of schedule and it is a proven scientific fact that a plane is less likely to go through turbulence in the morning. Another advantage of getting a morning flight is that you can avoid the crowded times of the airport and get through boarding and luggage quickly.


If you are somewhere for a vacation, then do not waste your day because of jet lag. You can solve the problem of jetlag by taking a run and doing exercise. You can also avoid bloating and a jet belly by avoiding carbonated drinks, high protein, and fatty food.

Beware of Germs

The dirtiest spots on a plane are the seat trays, armrests, and seat belt buckles. It is necessary for you to bring sanitizer and wipes for your flight. These places on a plane are not cleaned thoroughly which is why it is important that you sanitize them before using them. Other than this, you should sanitize your hands after going through boarding and checking because those places handle thousands of people each day and are not properly clean.

Cold Seats

The coldest seats on an airplane are window seats. It is because of the rapidly falling temperature at high altitudes, which you can feel when you are wearing light clothing. If you like window seats, then it is preferable that you wear warm clothes or ask for a blanket from the flight attendant.

Sleeping in Plane

Woman sleeping during flight

Sleeping during a flight is difficult. Nevertheless, it is also important to get some sleep when you are on a plane for long-hour flights. You can trick your brain into sleep by performing regular activities that you do before sleep. Changing into comfortable clothes and brushing your teeth, can really help you sleep during your flight.

Baggage Hack

You can ask for a fragile tag on your luggage when boarding. This way the staff will handle your luggage carefully and you will receive it earlier as fragile luggage is always on top. You can use this hack to help yourself from waiting too long to receive your baggage.

Borrow from Lost and Found

Another great way to get the stuff that you forgot at your home is to borrow it from the lost and found counter. Most of the things at the lost and found counter go unclaimed, therefore, if you’re short on something urgent you can always use it.

Avoid Headphones

While you are traveling, try to avoid using headphones as it can make you miss important announcements. Likewise, when you are in the waiting lounge awaiting boarding, don’t plug in your earphones. There are fat chances that you can miss the announcement that boarding has started.

Find Space for your Baggage

Finding the right space for placing your luggage in the compartment is essential if you want to enjoy trouble-free traveling. Securing proper space for your luggage is important when you are flying commercial. However, if you or any of your friends have bought a private jet for sale then the scenario can be entirely different.

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