Historical Places of Turkey: Travel Back in Time

Mosque in Turkey

A nation of great cultural depth and a land of historical significance, Turkey with all the charms which make it attract millions of tourists every year. You can take Turkish Airlines at any time of the year you want. Visitors can’t get enough of this place. Turkey has so much to offer that a tourist may run out of time to visit places, but Turkey will never run out of places that you must visit at any time.

Here is a list of historical places that you must visit in Turkey, which makes it easier for you to pack bags with your tickets to Turkey.

Istanbul Archaeology Museum

The three buildings that make up this historic place are not the main attraction but are home to one of the world’s best collections of ancient artifacts. Featured in three separate parts, the award-winning antiques include the sarcophagus of Alexander the Great, Treasures from the Babylonian and Hittite empires, as well as 17th-century Ottoman ceramics.

At the Museum of the Ancient East, collections include pre-Islamic Arabic art, the oldest love poem from the 8th century BC, and personal items from the Mesopotamia area, widely regarded by many scientists as the cradle of civilization.


The ruins in Aphrodisiacs’ are basically a wealth of ancient relics, and a visit to this place can give you an insight into the world that you have only met in history books so far. The walls of the city in Aphrodisiacal were built around 260. During the Gothic invasion. Soon after a devastating earthquake in the 7th century, a fortress was built here. The Temple of Aphrodite is located in the northern part and was the center of social and religious life in ancient Aphrodisiacs’.

This place is very rich in old history and it can have many days to explore. It is advised to take cheap air tickets whenever you plan your visit to Turkey to see the historical side. Browse the ruins, visit the museum and you must spend at least 3 hours capturing the beauty of this place. Avoid visiting this place during winters, the frequency of buses is quite thin in this weather. Avoid visiting during the winter, the bus frequency is quite low in this weather.

Alayna Castle

If you’re planning to visit the best monuments in Turkey, it’s a shame if you miss the castle in Alayna.

Then the castle, now an open-air museum, offers a picturesque view of the turquoise waters that flow past. This castle is surrounded by a four-mile wall with about 140 towers. Don’t forget to shop in tiny stores that pride themselves on homemade wires and sewing and lamps!

The Blue Mosque

One of the most photogenic buildings and the most famous historical places in Turkey, the Blue Mosque is like a social complex. There is a mosque, madrasa, sultan’s residence, Turkish bath, fountain, hospital, Mekteb-e-Sibyan, rooms for rent, and houses. While visiting this most famous tourist attraction, you should not forget to visit Arasta, which is located at the back of the museum and is surrounded by the Mosaic Museum with souvenir shops. Many Muslim visitors from around the globe take cheap flights to turkey to visit this masterpiece with its historical significance.


It was the capital of the territory called Aizanitis, located in the territory of Phrygia. The history of the city before the arrival of the Romans is not well known. Probably the settlement in this area began in the 3rd millennium BC. This is confirmed by discovered layers during excavations carried out near the temple of Zeus. The most important reason for this place’s relative unpopularity among visitors is its remote location, away from the busy tourist routes.

This situation, paradoxically, is favorable for the ancient city, because its great charm depends mainly on the possibility of wandering among the ruins without obstacles through the crowds. Because Aizanoi is now on the UNESCO World Heritage Preliminary List, there probably isn’t much time left for those who want to visit these magnificent isolated remains of Roman civilization in Asia Minor in relative loneliness.


Turkey on map

Anadoluhisari, a fortress located in Istanbul, was built by the Ottoman Sultan in the years 1393–1394. This is one of the best historical places in Istanbul, it is also the oldest Turkish architectural structure built in Istanbul and transformed into a museum in the 90s. Although the internal museum is not open to the public, external walls are still available and worth visiting. If you are a lover of history then you must take cheap air tickets to visit this place. Anadoluhisari will feed your appetite for historical places completely.


Ephesus was the Roman capital of Asia Minor and home to more than a quarter of a million people – from slave traders to saints – at its peak between 1 AD and 2 AD. The site of the Temple of Artemis, which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, 150 years of excavations in Ephesus revealed the most complete Greek-Roman classic city on earth. No wonder it has just been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The location of Turkey at the meeting place of Europe with Asia has started an amazing story. Turkey may have more ancient ruins than anywhere else, but the impressive number of places is not impressive, but so many of them remain almost intact which are presented above and you must visit by taking cheap flights to Turkey to revive your old soul.


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