Travel Tips for First-Time Frankfurt Visitors


Frankfurt is a Germanic city of international fame. It has brilliant public transport systems, thereby making it easier for everyone to hang around the city conveniently. Interestingly, wherever you go, you will always find someone who can talk or at least understand English. In the beginning, you might think that the people of this city are rough and tough, but close interaction will reveal that the denizens of this city are extremely friendly.

Apart from friendly people, Frankfurt also offers lively and exciting experiences. Its food and shopping scene is just marvelous. If you have come in Frankfurt for the first time with Emirates Airline deals, it is better to get a basic know-how of the important things about the city. Here are all the essential things you must know before coming to Frankfurt.

1.    Shopping Is Closed on Sundays

If you want to buy something in Frankfurt on Sundays, get ready to embrace yourself for frustration. On Sundays, all the shops are closed, and you will not find anything to buy. People in the city take rest on this day. They believe that doing business on Sundays would compromise their relaxation and comfort. But still, there are some odd shops that are still open on Sundays. Nonetheless, you would not be able to find anything important from those outlets as they only contain crap. So, always keep this thing in your mind while planning your shopping.

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2.    Always Respect the Rules

Like several other European countries, Germany also has some rules. In Frankfurt, it is obligatory for every bicycle to have a front and a backlight on the cycle. It has been prescribed for safety reasons. So, riding a cycle that does not have the back and front light will eventually cost you hefty fines. Similarly, there are some places where you should always stand in a queue. For example, while crossing the road, try to form a line on the zebra crossing. Although you will notice even some Germans disapproving of the rules, but keep in mind that you have to follow them in order to stay safe.

3.    Check Your Transport Zone

In Frankfurt, the ticket checkers are very cruel towards unknown tourists. No matter how sorry you are, if you are using a fake ticket, you will be caught immediately. In Germany, there are different zones for different transport areas. For example, the zone of Frankfurt is entirely different than the zone of Frankfurt’s outskirts. Moreover, you cannot use the ticket of one zone for transporting in another zone. You have to buy a new ticket for every transport zone. So, it is prudent to check your zone in order to prevent the unwarranted consequences.

4.    Watch the Calendar

There is always so much activity going on in Frankfurt. The city hosts events after events. So, when you are in Frankfurt, keep a close eye on the events calendar. Messe Frankfurt is a large exhibition center that hosts trade shows and functions throughout the year. So, if you book the tickets at the last moment, the prices of hotels will shoot up. Similarly, the tickets will also be sold at much higher rates. But if you watch the calendar, you can book the tickets of the functions in advance, which will inevitably save you a lot of bucks. Moreover, you should prefer advance booking to get cheap flights tickets.

5.    Recycle the Waste Material

What if I say to you that you will be rewarded in Frankfurt if you recycle the glass and plastic bottles? Yes, you have heard it right. The government of Germany pays huge respect to the people who try to curtail the pollution. Recycling is just another way to stop the dirty particles form polluting the air. However, not every bottle can be recycled. You need to check the label to ascertain whether it can be recycled. If you see an arrow, it means that you can recycle it. So, just go to the nearby supermarket and drop your bottles in the recycling machines. If not more, you will at least be able to collect some pocket money.

6.    Smoking Is Not Prohibited

Unlike in other European countries, smoking is allowed in Germany. Therefore, while exploring Frankfurt, you will see a lot of people lighting up their cigarettes and puffing at them. In addition, you will also observe a number of people sitting in the bars and talking pompously while also smoking. So, if you are a smoker, you wouldn’t have to find a secret place to light up the cigarette. Though the country had passed the laws against the public smoking a few years ago, most of the people disregard them.


Not only will you feel content after visiting Frankfurt, but you will also get an overwhelming feeling of joy. Go to if you want to get the flight tickets of Frankfurt at a low price.

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