Travel tips for anyone who is new to Delhi

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Whether you want to visit Delhi with someone, or solo, you need to keep a few travel tips in your mind. Irrespective of your gender or the kind of trip you are undertaking, whether budgeted or luxurious, following these tips is a must. If you stay in Melbourne, you need to get the Melbourne to Delhi flights Air India booked from a trustworthy place. Apart from booking your tickets, there are many other traveling aspects where you should be aware of these tips. 

Are you traveling to Delhi and searching for some tips? If yes, then you have a look at them below: 


  • Do not believe in any kinds of negative stereotypes about Delhi


A lot of people have been saying a lot about Delhi. Some of them entail ‘it’s dirty, ‘it’s smelly’ and ‘you’ll get sick from the food there. But, trust us, these are simply the stereotypes, and the only thing that you would smell here is none other than the incense and spices. Yes, you might witness a bit of dust here since it’s a dry area, but you cannot consider that as a dirty place. 


  • Dress appropriately 


If you don’t want to get noticed or become a victim of theft, you would have to dress appropriately in Delhi. While being here, it stands mandatory for you to respect and understand the religions and culture here. According to the culture, the girls need to cover their shoulders and legs. It is no less than a safety measure, and showcasing your skin shall be taken wrong by men, and they might take it as an open invitation from your side. 


  • Know how to refuse and say ‘Nai’


While you are in Delhi, you would come across many people who would try to sell their things to you. Whether you are in a market or a famous landmark, you would spot them. If you don’t want to buy those things, you can straightaway say ‘no, thank you. But, since the sellers would understand Hindi, you can learn to use the word ‘Nai’ that means no. 


  • Keep your belongings such as purse and phone safe


This tip is valid for every traveler irrespective of the location he/she is traveling to. But, it is something that your tour guide would also advise you all throughout your journey. Thus, it is quite important for you to keep your purses and phones safe so that you don’t become a victim of these thefts. 

  1. Know that your driver’s getting a commission if they recommend a place 

Yes, it’s good that your taxi driver is super-nice with you and he is recommending many good places to you. You should know that the taxi drivers also get a commission for taking the tourists to those places. Thus, if you don’t have much time, you can bluntly say no to the additional stops en-route. But, if you have some spare time, feel free to visit more places as per your driver’s recommendations. 


  • Bargaining with taxis and rickshaw drivers is important


Well, even if you hate bargaining, it is necessary in Delhi. There are many rickshaws and taxi drivers who try to overcharge the tourists. Thus, it is important for you to check out the distance on the map before getting in the rickshaw. You can ask the front desk of your hotel about the fare that a taxi or rickshaw might take to help you reach your destination. When you are asking a driver for a lift, there might be a chance that he would say no to the price you are offering. You can simply say, ok, I am asking someone else. You can move on to other rickshaws, and there are higher chances that the driver shall come up to you. 


  • Opt to stay in a hotel that is centrally located 


Whenever you tell everyone that you will visit Delhi, they would indeed warn you not to travel alone at night. So, to avoid such risk while staying in the capital city, you should stay at a centrally located hotel. It is because if the hotel is located in a central location, it would be in closer proximity to every tourist hub in Delhi. You should be aware of this tip and must get your hotel booked once you have researched about the availability of Melbourne to Delhi flights Air India


  • Carry cash and also understand the prices 


You should have a sheet of conversion numbers along with you. Just know the conversation rate for $1 USD and keep the conversion sheet handy. This way, you would be able to calculate the actual price of any purchase you make. Also, you need to carry cash along. You will need that in case of emergencies if you are available at a place where there is no ATM facility available. 


  • Nightlife in Delhi


You are surely going to fall in love with Delhi’s nightlife, and it’s because the city is full of glare, light, and fun! However, this city hails with an ‘early nightlife’ culture, and the majority of the bars and pubs would be closed by 12:30 AM. If you want to get some alcohol for you, your hotel staff can guide you to a local Wine and Beer shop in the area. The majority of the wine and beer shops are closed by 10 PM. The best places to experience Delhi’s nightlife include Hauz Khas Village, Connaught Place, Khan Market, DLF Cyber Hub, etc. 

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On the whole, your trip to Delhi will undoubtedly prove as a heartthrob since the capital city has a lot to offer. It is highly recommended that you start looking out for the Melbourne to Delhi flights Air India well in advance to avoid the last-minute hassle. Take help from MyTicketsToIndia that is a leading provider of flight ticketing services to and from India. Its team of experienced ticketing experts would never leave even a single stone unturned for sorting your queries.