Transform the Appearance of Your Home With a New Driveways Wigan:

Driveways Wigan

Driveways Wigan:

LD Paving has many years of experience in providing and fitting driveways, block paving, tarmac driveways, patios, landscaping, and much more throughout. If you’re looking for a new Block Paving Driveway then LD Paving offers a wide variety of designs, thoughts, and styles to praise your home from Traditional & Classic to Modern & Contemporary designs.

We pride ourselves on excellent service, before, during, and after each project Driveways Wigan has been completed. Every driveway and patio is carried to the highest standard regardless of the size or price of the job.


LD Paving assumes surfacing work for both domestic and commercial customers throughout Lancashire. All projects are professionally accomplished and supervised and completely guaranteed.

We are a trusted, expert driveway, patio, and landscaping corporation with an outstanding reputation. That is why so several of our clients return to us for new projects and are happy to recommend us to their family and friends.

Analyze Your Driveway Surface Beforehand:

Before you promise any kind of pressure washing service, it is significant that you first assess the ailment of your driveway or patio area. How does the surface look overall? Are there any blows or chips on the shallow? Do you have a problem with weeds or other verdure polluting the space in between your block paving? You also need to certify that your driveway isn’t dropping or needs to be re-laid and if you have any serious discoloration.

Do you have block paving or a brick driveway, it is vital to factor that into your cleaning plans? Dissimilar materials need more particular treatment, different pressures and cleaners, and soaps. Our Driveway Wigan squad can advise you on the precise measures upon your consultation.

Driveways Wigan

The Benefits of Block Paving for Your Driveway:

LD Paving is a professional block paving contractor. We pride ourselves on the worth of our workmanship and exceptional customer service from the first inquiry to the preparation and design to the installation and aftercare.  Block paving is one of our most general options, look through the following compensations of block paving to see how it might be perfect for your property.

Stunning appearance

Block paving is a versatile paving material, obtainable in dissimilar materials and colors. This lets us generate patterns or designs for a tailored finish.

Low maintenance

It is hard-wearing and hard-wearing, so other than a yearly clean with a jet wash or with hot foamy water is all you want to do to maintain its arrival.

Highly functional

From steps, paths, and, forecourts, patios to driveways, and leisure areas, block paving can make an outdoor space that is appropriate for just about any activity or function.

Block paving and cost

Block paving is one of the most profitable options accessible, you just need a trustworthy company such as the team at LD Paving to ensure proper installation.

Durable and Long Lasting

Paving stones are tremendously durable and will knob the weight of vehicles without becoming damaged. Block Pavers usually last 50-100 years or longer and can be effortlessly replaced, if wanted.

Add Value to Your Property

A tidy, stunningly finished driveway massively increases the kerb appeal of your possessions. This will upsurge its value and salability.

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​If you are looking for a driveway installation, restoration, or repair, we offer a variety of options to suit your style, stuff, and budget- Whether you need a new, or replacement, path, driveway, or patio we have a solution at prices you can afford. Just call us to our friendly team.

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We have got years of knowledge and skilled knowledge within the embryonic industry. Our installations are approved out to the top standard and can be completed at great worth for money. Although we may not be the low-priced contractors out there, we surely aim to be the best. If you would like more information on the installation of a new tarmac driveway in Wigan please fill in our contact box and we will get back to you with more info on costs and enterprises.