Top vegetarian recipe using Non Stick DosaTawa

Non Stick

You might have seen in a restaurant a big dosatawa on which the masaladosa and other types of dosas are prepared. But on the nonstick dosatawa, you can prepare various types of vegetarian recipes within a short time. Vinodcookware brings you the most durable Non Stick DosaTawa.

Let’s take a look at some of the wonderful vegetarian recipe you should try on the dosaTawa.

  1. Ragidosa- It is also known as naachnidosaor, the excellent millet dosa, and it is also a famous South Indian breakfast. You can make this ragidosa on your nonstick dosatawa very quickly. In this ragi, which is super millet flour, is used. Finely chopped onion chilis and carrots are added, and the batter is kept to ferment. Methi seed in the ragidosa helps in fermenting and giving the aroma to the batter.

Making a ragidosa is the same as regular dosa, but it is made out of ragi flour.

  1. Ravauttapam- It is another versatile dish that can be consumed as supper or breakfast, or evening snacks. Combine the semolina, salt, curd, and one cup of water in a bowl mix it. Not cover the bowl and let it for meant for 1 hour. Now keep your nonstick dosatawa to heat and sprinkle a little water on it.

Wipe off the tawa with a cloth piece and pour the batter on the tawa in a circular motion. Now pour a little oil on the top and the edges. Add chopped onions and tomatoes as well as coriander on the top of the uttapam- batter. You can even add chilies if you want them and press them lightly. Turn it over once the bottom is cooked nicely. Repeat the process 4-5 times to make more uttapam. Serve it with coconut chutney!

  1. Pancakes- a pancake is similar to those, but the batter is mixed with the milk or curd or water. Sometimes the pancake batter does not require fomentation, but you can also let it format like a dosa if you want. When we talk about Indian pancakes, then puddles and the chillas are the famous Indian pancakes.

Pudla is small thick, and crispier as compared to chila. Also, the veggies like onion and tomatoes are chopped and added to the pudla batter. Both pudla and chilla can be made using besan. Even if you want, you can add some spices like chatmasala, amchoor, etc., in the batter according to your will.

Therefore these are some of the vegetarian dishes which can cook on the non stickdosatawa. You can also look at the other dishes like aaluka paratha, Frankies, gobhika paratha, and many more. All these can be quickly cooked on your dosatawa pan. If you don’t have a dosatawa pan and need a good quality dosatawa, check the dosatawa prices on Vinodcookware.