Top Things You Need to Start Playing Mobile Slots


Want to start playing mobile slots? Here are the essential things you need to know before you jump in this game. Mobile slots have been popular with both casinos and online players, and as per the trend, it’s going to be a hit with mobile gamers as well. Whether you like playing bonus slots, progressive slots,   fruit machine slots, multi-line slots, or 3-reel slots, there are various mobile casino games to suit your requirements. Here are a few tips for finding the right mobile apps for you.

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The Two Important Things

To begin with, you need a mobile phone with a good internet connection for mobile gambling. You should also have a method of payment to fund your mobile gaming. 

  • A Mobile Phone with an Internet Connection

Mobile slots are games that are created for mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets. Mobile devices are easy to carry along and can travel with you, thus enabling you to enjoy mobile slots while sitting at home or being everywhere in the world. Now, there’s an important second variable, too – an internet connection. So, if you have decent Wi-Fi coverage, then you don’t have to worry about exceeding your data plan by playing mobile slots all of the time. Click here to give it a try.

  • Payment Method

Now, you would also need a way to fund your mobile gambling as mobile slot games don’t come free. It’s only free till you play in demo mode; however, sooner or later, you’ll have to spend some bucks so that you can earn some. Therefore, having an easy method of depositing funds in a casino account will become important. Nowadays, it’s not only credit and debit cards that could be used. There are multiple ways to deposit funds at casinos – be it e-wallets, pre-paid vouchers that could be bought with cash, or electronic payment modes like PayPal or mobile phone billing.

Usually, making a deposit at mobile casinos is quite easy, free, and instantaneous – isn’t that convenient? But, withdrawing your winnings is a different ballgame. Also, remember that once you cross a pre-set threshold amount when you deposit funds at a casino, you would first need to officially identify yourself to the casino management by sending in your ID, like your passport or driver’s license copy, which is intended to prevent money laundering.

Next Step: Select Where and What to Play
After getting your mobile device with a good connection and a way to pay for your mobile gaming sessions, you’ll have to choose a mobile casino and select some games that you wish to play. So, here things get a little complicated, as there are hundreds of online casinos and myriad mobile slots out there. So do your research and then choose.

How should you Pick a Perfect Mobile Slot?

Check the compatibility of the mobile slot with your mobile device – see if the game will work on your mobile phone or on a tablet?
Evaluate the design of the mobile slot – Ask yourself if you want one of the best, cutting-edge design, or does a classic game work well with you?
Check the volatility of the machine – Decide how much risk are you ready to take?
Find the Return-to-Player (RTP) Percentage – Ask yourself if you are playing just for fun or you want to win as much money as possible?
See if there is a progressive jackpot – Do you need your perfect mobile slot to have a huge jackpot that you could win?
Check the features of the game – Decide how many features do you want in your mobile slot game?

Bonus and Promotions

There are various bonuses and promotions offered to players in the online and mobile gambling industry. Be it a welcome bonus to attract players or a promotion to celebrate some kind of holiday. There are so many incentives like bonuses and promotions at casinos that can confuse you and can make you lose track. However, do not take any of them at face value because these bonuses and promotions are mostly laden with terms and conditions that should always be read and understood carefully.

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