Top Reasons Why I Pursued Bodybuilding

Top Reasons Why I Pursued Bodybuilding
Top Reasons Why I Pursued Bodybuilding

Have you ever noticed a guy in the glass to whom people hardly pay attention as he has a pretty insignificant and non-influential personality or Bodybuilding? Most probably you haven’t because people hardly ever pay attention to such guys. Fortunately or unfortunately, I was one of those guys. Unfortunately because it bBodybuildingrought my confidence down. I wanted to be noticed but nobody glanced at me twice since they didn’t find me appealing enough. Fortunately because it inspired and encouraged me to do better for myself.

This actually wasn’t the only motive for me to pursue bodybuilding. There were many other convincing reasons due to which I became a bodybuilder. Have a look at some of them:

For Increased Confidence Level

It was quite difficult for me to talk to someone one on one due to my lack of confidence. I wasn’t introvert as such but due to my low confidence level, I couldn’t talk to many people and make many friends.

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I wanted to boost my confidence level. This is why I joined the gym. I believe that I develop a present and a more approachable personality, it wouldn’t be difficult for me to talk to people. This is exactly what happened. When I joined the gym, obviously there was hesitations and nervousness but I threw them out of the window for my own well-being. Initially, I joined a fitness group and made new friends there. Then, I pursued bodybuilding. I hired a fitness trainer who also helped me a great deal in improving my personality apart from helping with my bodybuilding workout routine.

To Get More Attention from Girls

Which straight person doesn’t like it? I was also not an exception. I craved for attention but couldn’t get it since I wasn’t the conventionally good looking guy or had an interesting personality. I figured out the way to get the attention of others (mostly girls) I had to work out. Instead of crying buckets in my room, I decided to take the matters in my own hands and got myself enrolled in a fitness club. From there, my journey to becoming a bodybuilder started. And now, look at me today. I have started to get the attention I desired once because of my physique.

For A Healthy Lifestyle

Another thing that promoted to start bodybuilding is to have a healthy lifestyle. I used to observe how disciplined my trainer’s life is. He never smokes, does not drink much, and leads a healthy lifestyle. I have hardly seen him battling a sickness because his immune system is super strong. This is due to the fact that he used to take great care of his diet and always exercised in the right proportions. He still follows these principles; this is why, I call him my role model.

When I used to train under him, his lifestyle inspired me the most. Hence, I decided that I will also follow the same habits to enjoy a healthy lifestyle like him.

Another thing that I learned from my fitness trainer is that steroids aren’t always bad for our health. He told me that if we are using steroids the right way i.e. in the prescribed dose, they won’t cause any harm to us. On his recommendation, I started using steroids and they actually proved to be beneficial for me.

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To sum it up, if I can do it, anyone can. Just prepare yourself mentally for all the hard work you will have to put in and efforts that will be required to exerted on your part. It isn’t going to be an easy journey but with dedication, focus, and commitment, you will surely emerge out victorious.

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