Top Paying Nursing Careers & Specialists in Canada


The nursing field or profession is one of the careers one can earn a good source of income that will serve them during their retirement period. In Canada, nurses are having good paycheck system with other incentives attached to it. There are different nursing careers or specialists in Canada such as Nursing consultant, Clinical Nurse, Intensive care nurse, registered psychiatric nurse, Clinical nurse, occupational health nurse, etc.

It is obvious that working as a nurse in Canada is beneficial because of the high-income wages involved in it. The nursing profession is profitable, but it comes with lots of tasks that are demanding because they treat people with infirmities, diseases, and injuries. All these nurses have various functions they perform in the nursing world in terms of helping humanities. A good education is one of the basic requirements for one to have good remuneration.

Top Paying Nursing Careers & Specialists in Canada

One of the questions being asked by most people is; which nursing profession gets the highest paycheck? The major thing is to stick to one of the nursing professions that interest you because all nursing professions are lucrative, and here they are:

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1.    Operating Room Nurse:

This kind of nurses can work with other medical experts, patients, and their family members. Their level of interaction with other people in their working environment is on point. They go as far as paying attention to details with what they do in their workplace and nursing careers. They help a patient to get ready for a surgical operation in the medical theatre, and they can be called a Pre-op Nurse (Pre-operation nurse). There’s a requirement to function as an operating room nurse. Besides getting the general nursing certificate, it is still good to obtain certification as an operating room nurse. The average salary of an operating room nurse is $76,000.

  1. Gerontological nurse practitioner:

For you to be considered as a gerontological nurse practitioner you must have passion for it. GNP care for the aged or elderly patients in the hospitals by paying maximum attention to them. The demand for this type of nurse is increasing rapidly in the nursing world. Currently, the number of aged patients is on the rise in Canada. There are different places a GNP can work such as maternity clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. It is not enough to obtain only an RN license or DNP degree, getting a certification to become a GNP is important. The average salary of GNP is $64,906.

3.     Pain Management Nurse:

These nurses work with patients who are undergoing excruciating pains. This could result from surgery, accident, pregnancy, sickness, etc. They have the opportunity of working alongside medical doctors, nurses, but they function well working in clinics. Patients who are having intense nerve pains, cancer, migraines, spinal cord injuries are being taken care of by pain management nurses. They offer pain relief drugs and therapies to help patients recuperate well. A bachelor’s degree and advanced certification are needed for this nursing profession. The average salary of PMN is $103,321 and for those seeking for the top paying nursing jobs in Canada, pain management position is one of the best option.

4.    Endoscopy Nurse:

An endoscopy nurse works with patients who are going to be diagnosed. Some of them also treat patients with severe disorders. They can be referred to as gastroenterology nurses based on the function of their work. The kinds of patients they work with are cancer, chronic diarrhoea, cystic fibrosis, etc. They assist in organizing medical instruments for medical doctors to use in treating the patients. A degree and a certification are both needed to be an endoscopy nurse. Their average salary is $72,000.

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5.    Certified Nurse Midwife:

This is an enjoyable nursing profession, whereby, they help pregnant women deliver babies successfully. They work hand-in-hand with obstetricians to make delivery easy. They have a personal relationship with mothers in labour in order to offer them the right emotional support they desire. Their job doesn’t stop after child delivery, because they still have to carry out postnatal care on the mother. They still need a good degree and other certification(s), and their average salary is $96,970.

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