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Mobile phones are part and parcel of your daily life. You do not skip once to check a new notification or a message coming on WhatsApp or Facebook. After being such an integral part of your life, the best phones must be everyone’s prized possession. Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi are a few key brands that you vouch for to keep yourself well connected. But what have you thought about the comprehensive protection that your phone demands. You wouldn’t like tinted glass or broken edges after spending such a fortune to buy a good phone.

 So, what’s the way out? A mobile cover is an answer you seek for complete protection against damage from fall or shock. Most people prefer to keep their phone raw, as it looks chic and classy, but stylish mobile covers on online shopping websites like have given multiple options to the gizmo freaks to try something new that looks sleek and offers protection at the same time. If you want to try out new mobile covers, online shopping in India opens doors for new varieties available at just a tap away. has built a reputation of unquestionable allegiance over the years to deliver some of the best mobile covers to fabricate your phone. But when you head start with a new phone in 2020, pick the cover as per the top prevailing trends of 2020 for mobile phone covers. Here are a few mentioned below to help you frame your mind. 

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Top Mobile Cover Trends To Rule 2020: Make Sure You Do Not Miss Out 

  • Logo Mobile Covers

There has been a great fascination going for the use of logos on the back cover of the phone. Some people have the option to show the logos that they wear or prefer on their phones, whereas, for businesses, they can engage in marketing by printing their brand logo on their phone cover. has such leverage where they can customize the phone cover as per the need of the client at a premium charge for brand promotion. While doing online shopping in India on,  you have the chance to self customize the phone cover and go with the flow as per the prevailing trend. 

  • Glitter Mobile Covers 

There is a saying that all that glitters is not gold, but all covers that do not shine in 2020, might well fall back behind on the trend. Yes, you need to have a glitter cover to sparkle attention in public. A glittering cover is a perfect fit that you want for your phone. There are multiple options to pick like Sequin embellishments, floating glitter, and metallic embroideries. You name it, and we have it, that’s what we promise at when you pick us for customized mobile covers. There are many variants in crystal and beading that you can choose for fabricating your phone. Make sure that you make the right pick in the glitterati for your phone to show its awesomeness. 

  • Floral Covers 

Floral prints do not exhaust on attires; instead, they have evolved to appear on mobile covers. So, stop thinking that they are just the thing of the past. Lately, they are ruling the charts of trends in 2020. Floral prints of varied specifications like neon brights, pretty pastels or black and white combinations, crystal embroideries, matching blooms with stripes are a few key trends to pick for your mobile cover. So, make up your mind and choose the one that appeals to you. 

  • Crossbody Covers

Some people do not prefer to keep the phones in their pockets; on the contrary, they are looking for better options to explore. For such folks, the crossbody covers in classic black leather make a lot of sense. The look is quite extravagant with a lot of show-offs. If you like to flaunt, this is something to check out this season while doing online shopping in India for phone covers on 


Phones need premium care and safety, which a good cover can right away provide. But the only problem is that most covers might look jazzy and chic, but they are not durable enough to withstand robust safety parameters. Make sure that you have checked the safety parameters while buying stylish mobile covers during your online shopping. Do not just go for any protection, if you have a good brand and you have spent quite a fortune for the phone, make it both: safe & presentable.

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