Top Biotech Trends That Could Shape Our Future

Biotech Trends

Biotech, otherwise known as biotechnology, or biological technology, is extremely important to our day-to-day lives. Though we may not even realize it, biotech companies are shaping our future.

They are often doing this quietly, working in labs for many years before discovering a major breakthrough. But each time they do, a shift takes place and we all benefit from the results.

If you want to live longer than those in the past, we have biotech advances to thank. If we want to find the cure for diseases and common ailments, biotechnology industry breakthroughs are usually to thank for this.

Wondering what’s happening in the biotech space right now? Want to know what biotech news is floating around the interwebs? Keep reading to see what trends are in the process of shaping our future.

What Is Biotech?

First off, let’s quickly define what biotech is. It’s based on biology, which is the study of life. It’s the study of natural processes, typically at the microscopic level.

Biology focuses on tiny things like cells and bacteria. Biotech companies value these microscopic organisms because they lead to life-saving solutions. These include things such as antibiotics, hormones, and other products that can support human life. They can also make many manufacturing processes more efficient and profitable.

Why Is Biotech Relevant to Our Daily Lives?

Each biotech company exists to serve a purpose. For some companies, the goal is to preserve and maximize human life. You can see this play out by their research, breakthroughs, and products that help fight debilitating diseases.

Other companies may focus on the environment and saving our planet from internal destruction. By discovering ways to lower our collective environmental footprint, we can preserve the beautiful planet we live on. This ensures it lasts for many more generations.

And still, other companies focus on innovation that powers the world. In every country, people depend on power to transport themselves, cook and perform other basic tasks. Biotech companies are always looking for more efficient ways to fuel our lives that cause the least amount of damage.

We can attribute most of what we experience on a daily basis to biotech in one way or another. Driving your car to work depends on the gas in your car.

Going to the pharmacy and picking up medicine to heal your body is the result of biotech. And pretty soon, you can likely have your DNA altered to prevent you from getting certain diseases. All thanks to successful biotech breakthroughs.

Ultimately, biotech is about living happier, healthier, longer, and more exciting lives. This is why scientists and researchers are working tirelessly in the name of biotechnology.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for These Biotech Trends

So what’s happening in the biotech world today? Here are some of the most important trends to be aware of right now.

DNA Storage

Many companies are looking to discover breakthroughs when it comes to virtual storage options. Currently, data storage around the world uses immense amounts of energy and resources.

But researchers have found that it is actually possible to store data in DNA-based storage devices. In theory, this is much more efficient than storing data on traditional hard drives and microchips.

It’s estimated that if it were practical to use DNA-based storage devices, all of the world’s data can fit on a tiny amount of DNA. However, current testing of this proves to be inefficient.

As of right now, it takes many hours to store, save, and retrieve data with DNA. It is possible, and it’s likely we will see more breakthroughs in the is area in the months and years to come.

But not having to store a vast amount of data on servers that consume so much power would dramatically benefit the planet.

Increased Use of Artificial Intelligence in Biotech Space

Artificial intelligence exists in a separate category of scientific innovation from biotech, but the two often go hand in hand. Many biotech companies are utilizing the power of AI and machine learning to better their algorithms and processes when it comes to research and analyzing test results.

Much of the use for AI in this space is around the area of discovering disease. Medical professionals use AI to study images, such as those from an MRI, to more effectively locate abnormalities such as lumps, cancer, and other issues.

Medical Robots

Along with AI being used in the diagnosis of issues when it comes to image-based scans, AI is also being used to create medical robots. Companies are currently working to produce autonomous robots capable of performing surgical procedures.

We could also expect to see medical robots in the home, acting as medical and mental health assistants to those who need care from home.

Personnel Changes for Greater Breakthrough

Recently, we saw a major change at Roivant Sciences, a leading biotech company in the pharmaceutical space. Founder of Roivant, Vivek Ramaswamy, has decided to step away from being the CEO so he could become the executive chairman of the board.

This will allow him to focus much less on the day-to-day operations of the company, and focus more on increasing public engagement and making more strategic partnerships and decisions.

In his absence, Matthew Gline will move from the position of CFO to CEO. He has essentially been running day-to-day operations since 2019, so the transition should be relatively seamless.

The goal of the transition is for the company to focus more of its efforts on drug discovery, which can lead to much more rapid advancement in the pharmaceutical industry.

So as we begin to see new and effective drugs emerging in the next years to solve many of the world’s problems, we may be able to look back on this decision with gratitude.

An End to the Pandemic

2020 was a whirlwind the world over. And luckily, in Mid 2021, we are starting to see the world open back up, and life resumes in a new normal.

This is all thanks to the rapid development of vaccines which were able to be tested and approved much quicker than traditional vaccines. They have been developed and distributed so rapidly, that as of mid-2021, around half of the US population is fully vaccinated.

This has lead states to ease up on restrictions, removing mask mandates and many of the other inconveniences that shut down much of our lives over the past year.

This wouldn’t have happened so quickly if it weren’t for the tireless effort of many biotech companies working day and night to provide a solution to the problem that paused the world.

Obviously, there is still a long way to go, as many nations around the world are still undergoing strict lockdowns, travel restrictions, and business closures. These biotech companies should continue to be celebrated and supported as they continue to produce vaccines that can be distributed globally.

Rapid Investment In Biotech

No longer are angel investors and VC investors only pouring money into the technology sector. Now we are seeing more and more capital being thrown into the biotech space, as rapid growth is making investors hungrier than ever.

Investments in biotech over the last year are more than twice what they’ve been in previous years, particularly in the onslaught of the global pandemic.

Of the amount of investment going into the biotech industry from venture capitalists, a huge portion is dedicated to the research of cancer cures and treatments. Since more than half a million people die each year from cancer, it’s exciting to see such as unified push to solve it once and for all.

New drugs are also a priority that would help to fight conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

On top of venture capital, individual investors are also enjoying many months of growth as biotech stocks continue to rise in value. Many IPOs in the past year have led to vast amounts of funding to biotech corporations.

Cell Development and Therapy

A focus on isolating, treating, and fixing individual cells continues to be a major focus in the biotech industry. Researchers are editing and modulating genes as a way of treating or preventing diseases from affecting individuals. Treatment in these areas is still experimental at best, as there have been many cases where clinical trials have resulted in death.

However, the promise of gene therapy is great, as can be seen by the billions of dollars spent in this area. The number of individual therapy trials still only numbers in the hundreds. Greater control is being implemented in these studies, to reduce the risk of death.

But in the coming years, we can start to see the number of trials expand as more and more people and companies are open to the promise that gene therapy provides.

Improving the Quality and Longevity of Human Life

As you can see, biotech is responsible for so many rapids advances in our society, particularly in the medical field. If you are interested in ways to better the quality and longevity of human life, continue following biotech news and trends to be the first to know what is happening in this ever-evolving industry.

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