Top 7 Perks of Mobile App Localization

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Mobiles are flooding the tech markets more than ever since the pandemic hit countries all over the world. One thing is guaranteed: it’s never too late to pitch in the mobile industry. If you hit the right nerve, strategy, technology tools, and language skills you can make your mobile app as popular as Tik Tok or Snapchat. Mobile apps are like fashion fads, they do not tend to stick for long in the market. Their popularity and namesake afterward dwindle when a new app enters the market. 

Well, almost everyone has a mobile phone now, the screens filled with dozens of mobile apps and in hundreds of languages to appeal to the target audience. Several mobile tech giants are focusing on localizing mobile apps to give their customers the benefit of doubt. Hiring an app localization service may work in their best interest, but still, there are things you need to be aware of. 

Ideal benefits for mobile app localization that are workable in the long run

Localization is a complex process. Not only it focuses on the target language but also is a detailed blueprint of how the content will be viewed by the general audience once it is downloaded. Some mobile apps are in-built while some are downloaded from Google Play, Amazon, or Apple Store. In pursuit of targeting huge audiences, you need to localize your mobile app and enjoy numerous benefits.


  • Create a strong customer base 


Localization is the key factor in attracting a mass audience. Yes, the marketing strategies prevail to long accords but the customer base is always growing. This means you need to keep implementing app localization strategies in the first place. According to the market conditions, target region and target audience localization will vary. Language plays a crucial role too. For particular countries such as Asian countries like Japan, China, or Korea, mobile apps are rather different from those being used by western countries. 

Even with restricted resources, you can provide localization for specific elements for the app. 


  • As fast as furious 


For the likes of new companies, a localized app for a product page is straightforwardly effective. Once you grow your customer base, even as a new player in the market, you have a better chance to become popular overnight. 

How is it possible?

The global market relies on trends. But mostly it’s about the way you localize and translate the content. Making your app available for multiple audiences and regions in the app store will boost the channel of opportunities for you. So it comes as no surprise that translation and localization services give the much-needed jumpstart to create an app’s demand in the market. How do you think a Chinese mobile app Tik Tok got virally popular?


  • Better engagements mean better user experience 


What does your customer want to see in your mobile app? An app that is fully localized may not be as effective as an app with limited localization. Why so? It can be due to a variety of reasons, but mostly that localization quality is questionable. One of the major benefits of mobile app localization is that it’s an adaptive way of communicating with your target audience. 

The English version of the mobile app may have the right tone and content pitch for the audience. To relocate the content in a foreign language means you need to have a better understanding of linguistic and cultural differences. 

User engagement boosts once a mobile app is localized in the right way. 


  • Spread the word like wildfire – virality 


How fast a mobile app goes viral? For a social media app, it takes none to even less time to go viral. Tik Tok, originally a lip-syncing app, went viral with the dubbings and users making videos. Guess what? In less than three years, it went viral in more than 155 countries and 75 other languages. This was just the beginning. Another similar app like Dubsmash hit the market before even Tik Tok got viral. However, the popularity card is in favor of Tik Tok. 

Tik Tok attracted the younger audience, mostly teens (rationing 41%). Since millennials are the early adopters of the social media app, it brings another benefit of mobile app localization in highlights. 


  • Diversification is a real asset 


Technology is diversified for each tier. For mobile apps, the easiest way to grow a market share is to localize the app. The more diversified an app becomes, the faster downloads become. Isn’t it what happened to Facebook in the first place? Who remembers Myspace anymore? 

Having users in different countries gives the chances to enter new markets, new clients, and customers. A diversified customer profile pulls rank on the app store and search engines too. So to introduce a new app focusing on the content and localizing the right amount adds the much-needed perks. 


  • Sales potential 


World taste is merging with localization. Due to globalization, people became aware of products beyond their culture and language and regular use. If one didn’t need an Uber app, it was because it didn’t exist before. Now it does. With the tracking facility and other benefits, it’s a prime user-friendly app, so a user will prefer to hire an Uber instead of taking a taxi. 

Another benefit of mobile app localization is that it increases the sales volume without a shred of doubt. During their test launch, Pokémon Go made $35 million in just two weeks! The localization of the mobile app clamors the audience to use it. 


  • Business competitiveness


The app market is full of high incentives and is deemed as highly competitive as well. For optimal user experience, localization can be the key if the content lives up to the mark along will ease to navigate the tabs and no errors. 

If an app is partly translated (like product description or images) or doesn’t translate properly and the user is unable to understand it, they’d delete it. Careful localization adds the mobile app’s visibility and promises to deliver the desired effect. Thus, it ensures business competitiveness. 

Bottom Line 

Localization is the doorway to access the international market. Mobile app localization adds the potential for unlimited sales. With these benefits of mobile app localization, you can put a stronger front in the foreign market.