Top 6 Packaging Issues – Packaging 2021


No one can deny the importance of packaging and its role in ensuring product safety and adding unique elements to events. If you believe that packaging can only be used to individually identify your product, please correct it.

The discussion mentioned here will show you how to turn a box into a multifunctional business item. When thinking about branded packaging, the first thing that comes to mind is to use it for direct delivery to customers.

Let’s discuss what the challenges for the packaging industry are in the year 2021.

1-  Eco-friendly Packaging

One of the biggest trends last year was the top 5 packaging trends worth paying attention to in 2021. 2020 is a complicated year for green packaging. Before the pandemic, environmentally conscious boxes pushed many companies to adopt sustainable packaging, but the impact is relatively small.

Many potential environmentally friendly packaging alternatives have begun to appear on the market, which seems to be a wave of potential change.

But when the pandemic came, everything changed. Many supermarkets that had previously decided to abandon the use of boxes which are against the environment. They have switched to using eco-friendly retail packaging. Because people think that these boxes are a safer option for dealing with the virus.

As consumer demands for ecology friendly packaging, other types of disposable products have been phased out. For hygiene reasons, single-use retail packaging proved to be safer packaging materials used during the pandemic.

In early 2021, environmentally friendly packaging alternatives will continue to be a hot topic. As environmentally conscious consumers will continue to oppose the reuse of disposable boxes.

Some of the cutting-edge green alternatives that deserve attention in 2021 include environment damaging alternatives. Currently, companies make these packagings and their materials are generally more expensive than traditional ones.

2-  Story of the Brand

Let the brand have a conversation with its customers. The history of the brand in 2021 will be an essential aspect and will become the pillar of the entire brand image through the packaging design.

Excellent brand stories will focus on the core information in every visual link of corporate brand marketing. Before building a brand story, make sure the brand is positioned. Including value, culture, what the brand stands for, and the emotion it will evoke the customer’s needs.

The unboxing experience is also part of the brand trend and is also an upcoming trend. The story of the brand will be driven by 2021 data, which will include customer preferences, desires, and beliefs.

The human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than data. Then, the text will display your brand story in the audience’s mind through images. A visually compelling story will make the situation confusing.

3-  Tiny Patterns that can reveal what is inside

The models and illustrations are more than just decorations. They can reveal the full meaning of the product. In 2021, expect to see a lot of intricate patterns and small illustrations on the packaging.

These illustrations are generally simplified or abstract: compared to the literal meaning of the product itself, it is possible to understand the contents of the package more intuitively from the package.

We will see bold geometric shapes, clean lines, sharp angles, and expressive colors that give the packaging design some advantages literally. Just like the pattern trend, this trend allows consumers to peek into the meaning of the product.

However, unlike the models and illustrations that describe the contents of the box, these designs are abstract. It may seem simple at first glance, but it’s an incredibly influential method for brands to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.

4-  Porous Packaging Material

The practical function is always the primary consideration in packaging design – this is not a new design trend.  However, there is a new practical factor to consider: the ease with which the virus spreads.

Socially aware companies are paying attention. Using porous packaging as much as possible can help to minimize the survival capacity of the coronavirus on the package. It may further reduce the possibility of the virus traveling and spreading through the package.

This is why this trend is so strong and bound to be the center of attention. 2021 will find that many companies use porous packaging materials as much as possible.

Can your product be safely packed in porous packaging materials? If the answer is yes and you are currently using the wrong packaging, it’s time for a change.

5-  Clear Topography

After the spread of COVID-19, people have become so cautious today and want to get in and out of stores so quickly. Making quick purchases has always been convenient.  However, it is now also safer. The fewer time people spend with other shoppers in the store, the more opportunities they have to avoid exposure to Covid-19.

Therefore, by 2021, packaging design will be on track to facilitate quick and easy purchases. Graphic design is an important design element that can help solve this problem and promote brand recognition.

The clear fonts are easy to read from a distance, especially when combined with complementary color palettes and other design elements that help make the copy easy to read. The vibrant color scheme can help the package design grab the attention of shoppers.

Hard to read characters require more effort to be recognized. If you buy products in a store, avoid reading difficult to understand characters. If not, it may remain on the shelf.  Plus, when typography becomes the focus, you can usually give consumers a peek at the product in the box.

This also helps to reassure them.  Take a look at your current retail packaging design. Is the font easy to read at both close range and long-range? If not, it’s time to choose a new lighter font.

6-  Personalized Packaging will be the Demand

In an age where so many people are disconnected around the world, packaging design has helped us all unexpectedly.

Packaging and packaging graphics allow companies to communicate about their products and brands. These help customers experience products and brands, even if they may be hiding at home.

This helps to provide a unique unboxing experience so that people feel royally treated.

In 2021, strategies such as including customer names in packaging design will be an effective way to connect and build customer loyalty.

Can you classify customers into identifiable groups with specific interests? If so, consider how this retail boxes trend can help you look ahead and develop a targeted unboxing experience for each customer group in 2021.