Top 6 Common Car Problems and their Solutions


It’s pretty straightforward to mention the problems expected in a car. Isn’t it? However, the solutions are not as well determined. One might experience the most significant issues in a car, but the immediate answer may still be miles away. Doesn’t it scare you enough?

Imagine you are on a long drive and your car breaks down in the middle of a deserted road. Now it seems like a scary picture. Right? To help you with the precautionary steps, we have mentioned a few extensive warning signals help you in a panic situation. It’s not just about repairing but to avoid any damage in advance. 

The Typical Car Problems to Worry About

While it is very straightforward to stick to the regular servicing schedule, one can do some extra bits to keep everything even more secure. So let’s take a look at some of the warning signals. 

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  • Bad Fuel Economy

The first step is to check the fuel economy of your engine. If the motor is in perfect health and is running efficiently, fuel-burning will also be minimal. It’s because of the proper functioning of the air filter oxygen sensors and fuel filter. However, if your engine consumes more fuel than expected, get it checked right away from a car repair service near you

  • The Braking System Warning Signal

The first warning of your brakes is when they squeak or grind. It’s like when any part in a car reduces friction, it will wear out after a certain amount of time. It’s about changing the brake shoes and pads the right time when they are entirely worn out but do not pose an issue while driving. For example, if the life of your brake shoe has 50 thousand miles, you must get them changed around 45 to 48 thousand. 

  • Misalignment or Shaking of the Steering Wheel

Now it’s time to judge the balance of your steering wheel. If the steering wheel shakes while driving, it’s time to get everything in that flow checked. Even if your car moves in one direction while driving in a straight line, either your tires are misaligned, or your steering wheel doesn’t work correctly. There might be a possibility that it’s just an inappropriate air pressure in the tires. 

  • The Automatic Transmission Warning Sign

If you drive an automatic transmission vehicle, make sure you know about its lifespan. Mostly, it’s about 2 lakh miles that it flows smoothly. It’s because of the seals that are present in a transmission system that run the hydraulic system. They get damaged due to leakage or accumulation of debris. However, it’s not always the case that 2 lakh miles is the deadline. It’s about how you maintain it. So, depending on the car repair shop near you, you can get it evaluated. 

  • The Emission Test

For any car to work properly, there are emission tests. If the car emits more than expected, it’s due for a checkup. Either it’s the fuel or the car engine that emits extra pollution. Contact the mechanic near you and mention all the necessary points you have experienced. 

  • Getting the Tires Checked in Advance

Always get your tires checked thoroughly in advance to keep yourself secure on the long journey. You can get a flat tire anytime irrespective of their previous health and they need to be checked for air pressure regularly. Also, keep in mind the lifespan of a specific set of tires. Mostly it’s about 15,000 miles which can vary according to the brand. Ask the dealer to recommend the appropriate mileage on which the tires need to be replaced. 

For anyone who wants to keep his car safe, more importantly, strive to keep yourself safe on a long journey. It’s more about peace and enjoyment with your car rather than taking only corrective measures. 

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