Top 5 Tips to stay Fashionable Always


Shopping is the passion of many women, but not all of us are able to dress really well, supporting fashion and at the same time our body. In fact, when we buy a pair of jeans rather than a shirt or jacket, we are always careful and do a test in the dressing room to check how they actually fit on us. We should also do the same with regards to fashion trends: following it without putting a minimum of critical spirit on it is very dangerous. We risk leaving the house dressed like models but appearing somewhat ridiculous and devoid of personality. Dressing well is not an impossible task, but it is not as easy as it seems.

Today we give you 5 tips that how to style to find the perfect look for every occasion, always appearing at the top without disfiguring.

1) Always consider your physique

The first thing we have to do when we choose a piece of clothing is to ask ourselves if it is actually suitable to enhance our body. This is one of the best fashion ideas. Everything is fine for the models, but if we have any defects we should try the garment together with a trusted friend and let us say if in fact she thinks it is the right one.

2) Choose quality fabrics

Although nowadays there are large clothing chains that offer many clothes at very low prices, we cannot afford to neglect the fabric. It seems like a small thing but it is not: low quality clothes tend to wear out quickly and also fall badly. This does not mean that it is necessary to buy only expensive clothes: there are brands that boast excellent quality at affordable prices.

3) Match the colors in the right way

If you are a lover of color, it is important not to overdo the color combinations because you risk appearing ridiculous and looking like clowns. So it is better not to exceed 3 colors and choose them with a little knowledge of the facts. At the same time, however, solid colors should also be avoided: wearing pants, shirt and jacket of the same color is something that should never be done!

4) Follow fashion with your head

Following fashion is definitely a good idea to show off a look that takes into account the latest fashion hacks. However, letting yourself get too carried away from this point of view could be counterproductive. If we just follow fashion too rigorously we risk appearing completely devoid of personality. It is therefore better to always add a touch of originality to each outfit ideas: a sort of signature that distinguishes us. Furthermore, we must always remember that it is not certain that if a garment goes out of fashion it will look good on us.

5) Look at online clothing portals

If you find it difficult to combine the various garments, you can always use a trick. Take a look at the online clothing portals and look at the outfits of the models: in this way you can find numerous ideas to match all the garments to perfection and obtain the desired effect. Of course, if we want we can also look at the catwalks but often they do not reflect the style of us ordinary mortals and it is therefore more difficult.

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