Top 5 Steps to Adopt Dynamic Technology at Your Event

Top 5 Steps to Adopt Dynamic Technology at Your Event

Staying up-to-date with the emerging technology trends is essential if you want to make a statement with your events. With so much evolution in the tech and event landscapes, it is sometimes a challenge to attract attendees and provide them with an exclusive experience.

These days almost all events are striving to use technology for more interactive events. In reality, though, most events just repeat the same old ideas, rather than offering new experiences. Smart technology can be a great addition to your event in terms of increasing engagement and creating the wow factor.

Five Steps to Help You Incorporate Driving Technology at your Next Event

Adopting the latest tech trends in your events gives you a competitive advantage. But with new technologies emerging constantly, how would you know which ones to consider and how to leverage them to your advantage? Here are the top 5 steps to consider when you are looking for tech adaptation at your event.

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Align Technology with the Objective of your Event

If you want to integrate technology in your event successfully, then you must ensure that the objectives of your event align perfectly with technology in use. It’s all about the right tool for the right job. So the first thing that you should ask yourself is: “Why are people coming to your event, and what do they hope to achieve/ experience?”

The answer to the question often narrows down to networking, driving business opportunities, and experience something new and refreshing. After navigating through your objectives, understand what the most relevant technology that you can use to facilitate this is? You can also get in touch with Corporate events Dubai based experts in hiring the best tech for the event.

If you install a piece of technology at your event that doesn’t meet your objectives, it ultimately becomes a waste of resources and only detracts from the whole experience.

Shape the Experience

Once you are in tune with your motivations and event objectives, you can understand “how” technology can drive engagement at your event. Once you know your audience and the environment you want to create, you can positively affect the adoption of tech at the event.

Creating an environment at the event stimulates participation and encourages interaction. As events are physical by nature, therefore, bringing together the physical and digital aspects is an excellent way to design experience as a whole.

Here are some ways you can use technology to drive engagement at your next event:


This technology is all about creating a rich experience by incorporating game mechanics to engage people in solving problems in a competitive environment. Some famous examples of brands using this strategy to drive customers are the Starbucks Rewards, Air Miles, and Marriot Bonvoy, where you get digital coins every time you make a purchase that can be redeemed later on.

Event Mobile Apps

With an event mobile app, you can provide people with information, including mapped floor plans, surveys, and social media. Modern mobile event apps are focusing on targeted meetings, gamifies experiences, and rich content by using the technology of AR and VR.

Smart Technology

The best way to increase engagement at the event is to put technology in the hands of every attendee to provide a personalized experience. It allows guests to network, share information, and compete in games at your event. The following are some of the technologies you should consider for your next event.

  1. Facial Recognition
  2. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
  • RFID
  1. Voice Searches
  2. Kiosks
  3. Digital Tables

Audience Response Systems

This system includes features such as live Q and A session, online polling, chatbots, and group discussions to increase participation. It can turn passive listeners into active contributors in the event.

Recognize the Obstacles

When it comes to event technology, it is essential to understand any potential barriers concerning the participation and event as a whole. For example, you have invested in state of the art mobile event app, but people at your event cannot seem to download the application due to a lack of Wi-Fi. With this simple barrier, you come back to square one.

Barriers to events are not always physical but can be problems with access to technology like the lack of Wi-Fi. Put yourself in your attendee’s shoes, would you want to download the event app when there is no public Wi-Fi or when the connection is so slow because of thousands of people downloading the app at the same time? Make every experience comfortable for people at the event.

Communication is Everything

Incorporating high-end technology and mobile apps is not enough to engage the audience. You need to communicate with them ahead of the event about what to expect and how to get the maximum experience from the event technology. If people know how to use a specific technology, they will participate once they arrive at the event.

You can use several methods to communicate with the participants, e.g., hosting webinars, generating instructional videos and pamphlets, email campaigns, and social media posts.

Event Tech Providers

No event has an unlimited budget to work with. Sometimes, this limited budget constraint leads you to make some foolish decisions, especially when it comes to incorporating technology at your event. In order to cut costs, planners go with cheap tech and compromise on the experience.

Event tech is a unique thing in the event space; however, companies have little understanding of how to use gadgets to their advantage. This is where event tech providers come in. A good event provider will guide you in the best possible way to make sure your event is successful.

These event planners are pro organizers with top-notch organizational practices. So, speak with them about your objectives and move forward together.

Put the Latest Tech to Work for Your Next Event!

Event technology has made its way into every nook from check-ins and registration to social media sharing, and event floorplans. Tell your stories by using technology like projection mapping to captivate your audiences and promise them an exclusive experience.

Follow leading blogs, attend tech events, and push yourself out the ordinary into creating new experiences through your event that people would love and would come for more next time around.

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