Top 5 Reasons to choose Guelph for Your Next Destination

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Guelph for Your Next Destination

What is it that you look for when choosing a destination? Is it beauty or accessibility? There are several reasons for choosing a destination. For every person, the reason varies but in the end what all want is a good time.

Before you think of travelling to a place, you need to conduct thorough research, to choose the ultimate destination. Some of you may love to visit a vibrant city like Toronto or New York, while others may want a low profile but equally stunning place to visit.

Guelph is your choice for this Season?

When you imagine Canada, Toronto foremost comes into your mind. And why shouldn’t it? It fulfills the criteria as one of the best destinations in Canada. But other cities ooze with culture and traditions, fun things to do for couples and families or even for solo travellers. Guelph is the new cup of tea you need to taste. Why? Down below are the ultimate reasons to choose Guelph for your upcoming plans;

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1. Safety always comes first

A solo traveller always has to keep one eye on the back. Even if you do travel with your family or friends, you choose a place which is safe to travel to. Count your lucky stars; Guelph is mounted in the top safest cities in Canada!

The low crime rate and exclusive limo service Guelph providing a safe ground transfer to the nearby regions has uplifted the spirits of natives and tourists alike. People in this city are always travelling back and forth from Toronto and other surrounding areas. So sure, your vote must be for safe rides as well.

Senior travellers can spree around with ease, and the community is close-knit making it ideal for all-purpose travelling as well.

2. Impressive art and culture

Guelph is a one-stop for Civic Museum, Art Gallery of Guelph, McCrae House and several other attractions.

Culture is a compelling feature of any community, and Canada is popular for its diverse roots. Besides the museums and galleries, you can enjoy musical performances with a variety of musical menus like tap bars, operas, musical night café etc. which lets you have a good quality time. Art is a limelight stone for a society; therefore you won’t be disappointed about what this city has in store for you.

3. Perfect outdoor parks

If it’s in nature it is your kind of thing, parks are here for you. Guelph has an array of parks lined up for nature lovers.  For the love of thousands of parks, parks in Guelph are accessible and covered with trees and enough space to throw a round of Frisbee. For instance, the most popular these days are Royal City Park, Trans Canada Trail Exhibition Park and Hanlon Creek Park.

Just like any other park, the side of the floral display by side on the track are highly maintained with amazing settings for a picnic. Parks do have a calming effect on you especially if you have planned long term travelling.

4. Transportations are Cool

What is the easiest way to move around in an unfamiliar place? Surely enough public transports are always convenient. There is a wide variety of bus systems and other means of road transportation, but wait, where is fun in that?

For a long stay at Guelph, travellers opt for airport limo Guelph, merely for stylish travelling! Yes, as safe as possible every means of transport is reasonable and affordable for travellers. Besides, rail transport is used as well; namely, Via Rail and Go Train service.  So you see, there are several options to choose from to move around.

5. Close to mainland

Guelph’s location is ideal in geographical terms. How? It is closer to Toronto and other neighborhoods making it a famous place for a visit.

Did you know: It is a central city to the tri-combo of Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge?

That explains why it is midtrafficed all the time. Besides its nearby Toronto’s Pearson Airport as well (as mentioned earlier) and well it’s a surprise two hours away only from the U.S border, so if you ever think of making a footprint at the border side, you are most welcome.

What to think?

Guelph is a sweetheart to all surrounding areas, making it an overall accessible option for your next destination. The most sustainable environment is what makes Guelph a stunner city in Canada. Experience the best features all pitched in one city.

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