Top 5 Cooking Games for iPhone and Android


Cooking games are a good source of entertainment for users. We can get away from boredom through these leisure activities. These activities contain tasks of cooking food, managing restaurants, and customer service. They play a vital role to amuse people. We can explore a variety of options to enjoy in our free time.

But we are going to discuss the five best culinary games for iPhone and Android devices.

1) World Chef:

This free of cost game published by Socialpoint is considered among the best cooking games in the world. It incorporates almost 20 different cuisines from all over the world. This is not a time-based virtual activity, but your job is to serve the finest food to attract customers.

It is about managing your personal restaurants and also resembles the real-life challenges which occur in operating any restaurant. We can also play this game with our loved ones to upsurge our joy. Logitech g230 stereo gaming headset delivers remarkable features to revolutionize your gaming environment. The superior sonic quality is also delivered through these gadgets to keep you concentrated while playing.

2) Cooking Fever:

Cooking fever was released in 2014 by Nordcurrent, which is a Lithuanian company regarding game development. We can never forget mentioning Cooking fever while discussing the best cooking games. It consists of various food items, ingredients, and kitchen tools to satisfy the need of a customer.

It also offers a feature in which players can also decorate their restaurants to attract customers. This frolic has attained a massive appreciation from users due to the phenomenal use of technology for delivering excellent leisure activity. Currently, we can acquire three different manners for enjoying it.

The first mode is known as the city, which consists of 11 different restaurants. Paradise island mode has 9 locations, and the last one is the Alpine mountains, which has ten diverse restaurants. Each eating place has approximately 40 levels to relish, and we need to achieve the specified scores to pass these levels. Thus, it will be definitely fun to pass the previous levels and explore new ones. This frolic is also free of cost, but while playing it, we must have internet connections.

3) My Cafe:

My cafe developed by a company named Melsoft games is all about cooking delicious food, serving it to customers, and decorating your shop according to your requirement. You can turn a simple café into your dream shop with considerable options provided in this concern. It also facilitates you to incorporate more workers in your café. You can set your desired prices for meals and earn money. We can use our earnings for attaining some more features regarding our convenience.

Sennheiser wireless headset gaming can be connected to your phones easily, and crystal clear sounds can also be relished. You can compete with others through this video frolic, which is another thing to increase your joy and curiosity. We can also play a part in competitions on a weekly basis to earn more money and get gifts. We do not need to pay any cost to enjoy it, but an internet facility must be available to get entertained.

4) Diner Dash Adventures:

The theme of Diner dash adventures is based on disclosing an encouraging story of Flo, who is a quite interesting character with a heroic personality. Flo came to help the citizens and animals of DinerTown with his superior cooking efforts. This cooking art in the virtual display prompts you to cook and serve food within time to the lead scoreboard. It is quite a simple but interesting leisure activity for users.

You can also connect with your family and friends to share your experience with them. We can exchange our gifts to provide assistance while playing. The performance of our friends can also be assessed through the provided feature, and it helps to increase the interest of the user while playing. Such a game also allows you to hire more employees to speed up amenities regarding serving food. However, we can avail of such an opportunity if we are leading the scorecard.

5) Cooking Mama:

Another interesting game is Cooking Mama, which was efficiently developed by Office Create. Publishers of this online cooking based activity are Taito, Majesco Entertainment, and 505 games. It also had achieved the award of IGN’s Best of E3 due to its extraordinary features and graphics.

Users can perform a variety of kitchen-related activities by considering instructions given by a character named Mama. We also have to complete a minigame of about 10 seconds to perform every kitchen task. It not only depends on cooking food but also helps you to enjoy through managing your ingredients by animal shepherding, fishing, or gathering items from forests.

You can easily cook several dishes and earn money. You can also buy new supplies or decorative items for your kitchen through your earned amount of money. So it delivers an interesting feature of upgrading your restaurant. Such a game also features 96 diverse dishes, which is another important factor regarding its characteristics. You can play this frolic on both android or iOS-based devices.

The above-mentioned games are considered among the best virtual culinary activities options for providing entertainment to players. Their extraordinary features boost up the interest level of users. We can also improve our experience through Sennheiser wireless headset gaming for better audio results. Headsets of approximately every brand are available at FindHeadsets. You can explore this website for quality products and get them conveniently according to your desire.