Top 3 Reasons to get a Sheet Metal Roof Replacement


Your roof is your first line of defence against Melbourne weather. But if your roof isn’t in peak condition this winter, then it may be time to look into reroofing services Melbourne.

Australian weather conditions are particularly harsh on our roofs. Your home’s roof needs to be able to withstand extreme heat, cold, ice, rain and being battered by ferocious storms. Our highly variable weather tends to become a problem over time for regular roof configurations. So if you’re dealing with water leaks and poor insulation, you may benefit from a metal sheet roof replacement before the winter sets in.

Roof failure ruins the value of your home as well as your quality of life. However, you can easily transform a lacklustre roof into an amazing home with highly durable Colorbond steel sheeting. There are many benefits to Colorbond but these are the top three ways a quality roof replacement will improve your home:


Got water leaks and electrical appliances? That’s a recipe for disaster. Water leaks can damage the electrical wiring in your home, leading to a dangerous fire hazard. Water leaks can also cause and mould, which is terrible for your health, especially if anyone in your home has asthma. Water leaks and poor structural integrity also leads to mould, which is toxic to humans but also prone to attracting pests such as termites. That the safety and integrity of your home can be easily restored with a metal roof is one of the top reasons for a roof restoration.

Lower bills

If you have a poorly functioning roof you may not even realise how much that is contributing to your high utility bills. Escaping warmth and poor insulation increases our energy use, and more frequent maintenance costs from leaks and structural damage quickly adds up to the one really big bill. A newly fitted sheet metal roof will increase the energy efficiency of your home and pay dividends in the long term.

Minimal maintenance

Metal roofs are noted for their performance – with quality installations lasting up to 80 years. There’s also little in the way of household maintenance when it comes to sheet metal – no tiles to individually replace or places for debris to collect. All you have to do is clean the gutters and the rest of the roof is easily washed down with a hose. How’s that for convenience? 

Of course, all the perks of a roof replacement depends on your new roof is properly installed. You will need to find a highly experienced local contractor who specialises in Colorbond re-roofing.