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The requirement of having all the records and information in an editable digital copy is immense nowadays, particularly for companies and large organizations who find it a lot easier to store and protect it.
Before technology reached the pinnacle of its development that we witness today, it didn’t have much application in our daily lives. Supercomputers were so big that it was impossible to have them for several businesses. Therefore, they opted for the more accessible and cost-friendly modes in manual data storage.
However, when with the advancement in technology, the availability of computers and the internet became a lot more common. Several businesses tried to replace the old means of record-keeping by more advanced techniques, but it wasn’t effortless. It is because the records were enormous, and it would take years for employees to create a soft copy of them.

It was problematic, particularly for large organizations that had to maintain yearly records of thousands of customers. As technology progressed ever further, a solution was presented for it as well in the form of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools.

Several people use OCR Tools. The tools are ideal for personal and commercial usage.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Tools Technology Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools are beneficial for a private and viable convention. Although the tools perform a significantly important task, using it is extremely easy. The user has to upload an image as an input query. The OCR tool scans and analyses the text carefully, and it then proceeds to create an editable and searchable soft copy of it. The document that it creates can be downloaded and saved on the computer.

Application of OCR Tools

OCR tools have a lot of applications in their daily lives. For an individual, it is beneficial, particularly for students.
For students, the tool can be used to scan university notes and shared them. Since the tool is also capable of scanning pictures taken through a camera, you don’t even have to go through the scanning process. You can take a photo from your camera and upload it for conversion.
Many large businesses that have to maintain years of records also seem to benefit from OCR technology. Banks can also use it since they have to store sensitive information from their customers for a long time. It gives them the ability to convert their hard copies of records and turn them into an online file that can be protected through software and accessed conveniently when required.
For personal use, many people often find old writing or pages of an old book that they would like to preserve. Storing it in a computer via an editable document is a lot easier, and it also allows you to create numerous copies of it, so you can save them at different locations for a more comfortable recovery in case you lose one.

Gains of OCR technology

The optical character recognition technology has presented with many benefits.
OCR has made it easier to preserve old writing. A person can quickly create an electronic copy of written material that might have a historical background or family roots. It can assist you in saving such data for generations.
Teachers have also benefitted from the technique. It has made the notes sharing process a lot easier, instead of individually printing them and distributing them to every student; it can be created into an online file and emailed to every student, making it easier for both parties.
In Commercial use, the tool presents the most benefits. Previously, Businesses had to store data manually in large storage rooms, which required money for renting, employees for looking after it since

it was usually sensitive customer information. The OCR tools have led to the demise of the old approach, as every company now prefers a digital copy of records. The records that were previously stored manually can be converted through the OCR tools easily.

The customer service of every business has enormously improved after the introduction of digital data storing techniques. It is because scrolling through the data is a lot easier, and the file created by OCR tools is searchable, which makes it easier to find any particular record from a huge list.

Best OCR Tools
Some of the best OCR tools are as follows:-

The PrePostSEO image to text converter is a popular choice. The best part is that it is free and accessible
online, which makes it easier for every individual to benefit from it.

The tool comprises of every high-quality feature that you might search for, some of its key features

Multiple Image Format recognition

The tool is capable of extracting data from any image format. It includes TIFF, GIF, JPG, JPEG, BMP, and PNG. Compatible with Low-Resolution pictures
The PrePostSEO OCR tool is also capable of accurately scanning low-resolution images and converting them.
Mathematical expression acknowledgment
The software can also detect and interpret mathematical expression regardless of their complexity. So, it is ideal for students to try to extract data from accurate notes.

FreeOCR presents a highly reliable and efficient tool for extracting information from an image. The tool is available online, and it doesn’t require registration or charges.

Its key aspects include:-

Multiple Language support
The tool is capable of interpreting images in 29 languages. So you can use the tool proficiently regardless of your files linguistic.

Image format support
The OCR tool can also support different image formats like BMP, PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, JPEG and GIF

Downloadable file
The copy produces of the image can be effortlessly be downloaded by the user in their computer


The Optical character recognition tool (OCR) offered by MyFreeOCR is brilliant software. Its algorithm isdesigned to support numerous picture formats and deliver the best possible results.

The tool extracts the words written in an image and converts it into a searchable PDF. It further features include:-
Data Security
The tool is designed to not only convert the image but additionally keep the uploaded data secure. It ensures that the information won’t be revealed to any unintended party.

Language Support
English is only one of the several languages that the tool is capable of interpreting. You can choose from the selection the one that you prefer.

Easy Usage
The software offers uncomplicated usage. The person has to upload a file from their drive and initiate Top 3 online image to text generator