Top 10 Rules To Follow For a Novice Entrepreneur

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Even the most famous businessmen once opened their first business – but not everyone who started a business could become rich and famous. You have to follow a process to reach the final stage. Like if you have not had a transparent business card for your startup, you might not able to achieve your goal.

To survive in the harsh world of free enterprise, remember the basic rules of a novice businessman:

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Top 10 Rules

  1. You should not get into loans, even if it seems to you that this is an “idea for a million”;
  2. Look at the case without pink glasses and soberly assess possible losses;
  3. Consider all options for the development of events – both optimistic and not very;
  4. Do not take money on business deferred for the payment of mortgages/training for your children and other important needs;
  5. The importance of motivation and psychological attitude. If you are ready for difficulties, ready to rise after each fall, and move on, you have a chance to become the owner of a successful business. If you want to open your own business because “the boss is a fool,” “Petya is a businessman, but am I worse?” – most likely, the very first failure will knock you out of the saddle.
  6. The importance of business thinking. The success of your project is largely determined not by the market situation or even the choice of a niche, but your thinking. Having the right mindset is more important than having the uncle of a millionaire who sponsors your business – after all, uncle’s money will end sooner or later. A man with a businessman’s thinking is actually doomed to have a successful business – even if his first project does not shoot, he will certainly shoot a second, fifth, or tenth. The good news is that to a certain extent, the necessary qualities and competencies for business can be developed, and thinking can be pumped to the desired level.
  7. Why it is important to choose a niche. You must understand the area in which you plan to open your own business. And not just understand, but also enjoy your activities! Only then can your business become truly profitable and successful.
  8. Why do we need a goal and a plan? “Let’s just see what happens if we try that way or this way without working on it properly or not getting the online business cards before pitching out to your customers or other stuff like we’ll see” – this is not the best strategy for business. You need to know where you are going when you plan to go there and what steps you will overcome along the way – negative and optimal forecasts.
  9. Quality and quality again. Remember that sturgeon can only be the first freshness, and your product should be the best on the market. If the product itself for some reason cannot be the best, then the offer (bonuses, delivery conditions, approach to the client, etc.) should be the best. The ability to stand out (of course, for the better) is the key to success in any market.
  10. Businessmen are a special breed of people. Some sociologists believe that only 5-10% of people have a commercial streak, in other words, they can establish a profitable business and manage it. However, even these “born businessmen” do not always succeed in achieving “successful success” in their first business project.


Does this mean that only one out of ten people has a chance to become an entrepreneur? No! If you possess the necessary knowledge and act competently, as well as “pump” the necessary skills and competencies, almost anyone can found a business.

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