Top 10 Podcasts of 2021


More than half of all Americans have listened to a podcast. But with millions to choose from, which one is worth your time?

Podcasts touch on a wide variety of topics. You can listen to interesting breakdowns and reviews on almost any idea you can think of.

Whether you love movies, sports, or have a unique hobby like underwater basket weaving, there’s probably a podcast for you. Here are 10 of the best podcasts you need to listen to.

1. How Did This Get Made?

Comedy is one of the top podcasting subjects. You can laugh — and groan — along with the three hosts of How Did This Get Made?.

HDTGM answers the one question we always have about truly terrible movies. It’s a simple premise but delivers a lot of laughs.

2. My Favorite Murder

One of the most popular podcasts, My Favorite Murder, takes a serious subject and lightens it up a little. Hosts Georgia and Karen take turns discussing interesting true crime stories in a fun and unique way that has earned them a dedicated fan base.

3. 10 Things That Scare Me

Each new podcast episode in 10 Things That Scare Me features someone discussing one of their greatest fears. It’s interesting, funny, and helps you feel less alone about anything that scares you.

4. How to Do Everything

Want to learn a new skill? From improving your golf game to launching your own business as a working mom, this podcast will show you the ropes.

5. Welcome to Your Fantasy

Murder. Money. Men in tight Speedos and little bow ties.

The Chippendales dancers were many 80s ladies’ ultimate fantasy. They were also embroiled in scandal and crime which this podcast gets into in fascinating detail.

6. Why Won’t You Date Me?

Much like How Did This Get Made?, Why Won’t You Date Me seeks to answer a question many of us have asked ourselves. Get into the sometimes wonderful, sometimes frustrating world of the modern dating scene with WWYDM.

7. You Must Remember This

You will remember every word of You Must Remember This, a podcast that does a deep dive into the not always glamorous past of old Hollywood. There’s still so much history to discover and your host Karina is happy to lay it all out in every episode.

8. Decoder Ring

Decoder Ring seeks to answer one burning question per episode in one of the most interesting podcasts on this list. Unlock answers to how the world works one episode at a time.

9. Spectacle

Calling all reality TV junkies! If you’ve watched every episode of your favourite reality show a million times, put down the remote and pick up the headphones to listen to a podcast that goes over the history of the genre.

10. Start With This

Want to boost your creativity and make something on your own? Start With This gives you creative homework and unlocks new talents and skills.

You never know — you might even start your own podcast!

Best Podcasts of 2021

You’ve got plenty of great options to listen to. Pick any one of the best podcasts on this list and we guarantee you’ll be entertained for hours.

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