Tips to Visit A Third-World Country


Traveling to third world countries is common for travelers to belong to the first world countries but there are a number of stereotypes based on assumptions in every society. Things get clear when you visit to a country and explore it your own way. My experience of Family Holidays in Morocco is an example. We learned a lot about our misconceptions we already have. We also learned the tips to take care of to visit a third world country. I’m sharing those very important tips with you in this blog.

Tips to Consider to Travel to A Third-World Country:
Here are some of the points we learned from our experiences of visiting third world countries.

Don’t Be An Alien When In A Strange Country:
Of course, you would not visit a country you already don’t know about. You will research the place, its norms and then, of course, you will visit. The important thing is to know that, you don’t have to be alien on the host land. You are in a Third-world country where people might have some conservative views about your country, living style and believes. The primary thing is to adopt the norms and act like a very friendly person to them. But How?

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Learn Their Language A Little:
Locals enjoy if you speak to them little words of their language. It is the very first thing to bridge the very important cultural gap, Language. Travelers mostly feel embarrassed, irritated when they don’t understand what the locals are talking about. So calm down, learn little words and phrases of the language people speak in a country you are going to visit.

Dress Like Normally People Wear:
Third world countries somehow discourage modernity and freedom to wear dresses of choice. So don’t feel bad, to visit and explore the country, you should dress as normal people do in that country. You can search for a country and also that what people wear in the country. You should respect the norm, it would be a very friendly attitude. I prefer to teach my kids traveling values. This is a primary value we as a traveler should follow to promote tourism, peace, tolerance, and acceptance.

Search For The Crime-Rate And Common Scams:
It is a normal phenomenon. I’m not subjecting the third world countries a home to criminal activities. I’m just guiding my fellow travelers that check the crime-rate and common scams travelers can go through in a country having an imbalance economy and higher inflation rate. Pocket Pickers and Scammers are everywhere no doubt. But traveling anywhere in the world, travelers should take care of this aspect and be prepared.

Our Morocco Scam Story:
My ATM was not working although I had informed my bank about my international tour schedule. That was a technical error in the banking system which sought out later and we could be able to get the money a day after our arrival. In the time of trouble, many people approached us to help with the ATM card and get our money but I already heard about this that this is a scam. I didn’t do any mistakes because I had the knowledge of that scam. You also should have some sense of the scams on the destination you are visiting in your upcoming holiday break. The carpet scam was also common but it didn’t happen to us. I have listened to a lot of stories about the carpet scammers in Marrakesh. Well. Keep an eye on everything, be a smart traveler.

Search About How People Treat Women:
Patriarchal perspectives prevail everywhere so almost everywhere in the world, people have some bad remarks about women, freedom, and choice. In third-world countries, treatment with the women is not that ideal, they also don’t encourage women traveling solo to anywhere she wants. So search on the internet about the treatment of society towards women and then decide whether you should visit the place or not. I toured more than 55 countries as yet and found maximum destinations welcoming the women to travel. It was a great kind gesture to me as a women traveler. That boosted my courage to grow with my passion, I’m now a professional traveler.

Check About The Health And Other Facilities:
Third-world countries have a lot of issues about medical facilities. So search online and ask your friends and people on the internet that what the medical and health facilities on the place you are visiting.

Always Focus On The Environment-Friendly Traveling:
Travelers have less knowledge about their responsibilities being a professional or passionate traveler. Tourism has many bad effects on the environment too. So search on the internet and learn how to be a responsible, kind and environment friendly traveler. Being in a third world country, you should focus on your responsibilities not to disturb nature and enhance environment friendly tourism.

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